How to Play Rummy with High Cards?

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How to Play Rummy with High Cards?

Rummy is a game of skill and you need to be on your best to earn a win. The game requires high level of concentration and a will to win after the 13 cards are dealt. Although, the 13 cards dealt to you depend on the luck, the way you play with those cards entirely depends on you. The more strategically you play your hand, the easier it will be for you to earn a win. The faster your game play is, it will be harder for your opponent to read your rummy game strategy. So, always try to think, strategize and play as fast as you can so that your opponent doesn’t get time to make his game plan.

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In 13 cards rummy, once your cards are dealt, you must plan your strategy and game plan according to the cards in your hand. If you have received more than one Joker card, you can count yourself as a lucky man and make melds much faster than your opponent if you are skilled enough. One trick to gain an easy win in online rummy is to block your opponent from a win by discarding cards he don’t need. In order to learn this trick, you must either memorise all the cards he has picked from the open deck and also the cards he is discarding. Once you memorise this, you can now play with the possibilities and can even predict the sets and sequences your opponent is trying to create.

In online rummy, it’s much easier to play strategically as online platforms offer a feature “Discards Section” which shows most recent discards of your opponents. But, as this feature is available for your opponent too, the game can get tricky if you are not a skilled enough rummy player. One of the oldest tricks from the rummy book is discarding the high cards like J, K, Q and A if they can’t be added in any sets or sequences. With this rummy strategy, you are making sure that even if you lose the game, you don’t lose it with big points. As high cards carry more points, rummy pros always advise to discard them as soon as you get it. Although, quite a relevant strategy for new rummy players, the pros can understand your strategy and may even pick your discarded high card to make their set or sequence.

Another rummy strategy you can play with high cards is using the cards as bait. If you already have a sequence with high cards like A,K, Q, and J, you can discard either A or J to let your opponent know you are not making any meld with those cards. This can also make the opponent confused about your game play and may discard any useful cards you may need. The more you practice with these rummy strategies the better you will get, especially on offline rummy and online rummy tournaments.

You can join any online rummy websites and practice your skills and newly learned strategies on practice as well as freeroll tables. As most websites offer a sign up reward or bonus, it will be easy for a new player to join a table according to his skill set. Once he/she is confident of the time spent on the practice and free rummy tables, they can join cash tables to play with the professional players and earn more cash. Always abide by the rummy tips you have learned from playing practice games and use the same strategy in a better way to gain a win. Also, discard any high card that you think cannot make a set or sequence so that even if you lose, you lose with fewer points.

If you are a new player and want to learn the game, you can register with RummyMillionaire for free and practice your games with free chips. To get the latest articles on rummy tips and tactics, subscribe to our blog. Also, if you have any comment or feedback on game play, promotions, or strategies shared from us, post it in the comment section below.