4 Simple Ways to Learn How to Play Rummy

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4 Simple Ways to Learn How to Play Rummy

Rummy is one of the easiest of card games once you get to know the rules as well as the basics of the game. Indian rummy is played with 13 cards and relies heavily on your skill unlike other card games like Poker, TeenPatti etc which depends on luck. If you want to learn the game, it is recommended to start playing with a friend who has similar interest in the game. Apart from that, you can join online rummy websites and join the practice tables with the free chips you receive while signing up. Below mentioned are the 4 simple ways to learn how to play rummy and have fun on both freeroll and cash rummy tables.

how to play rummy

1. Rummy Video Tutorials

A simple search on Google will list out all the top videos that teach how to play cards rummy. Try it out and start learning from the basics. If you want to go pro, you can tweak your search and learn the top strategy and tactics online rummy professionals use. Websites like Twitch are famous for streaming live game sessions and you can watch the live games by professionals to learn more about the game. While watching the videos, don’t forget to take notes on how to use Joker cards, bluffing your opponent to get a desired card etc. As you keep watching these videos and apply the strategies in your rummy games, you will develop as a professional player in no time.

2. Rummy Tutorials and Write-Ups

Everyday thousands of articles are written on how to play rummy and the best strategy to gain a win. Most online rummy websites also have a ‘Tutorial’ section that helps new players to old players to learn different rummy variants like Points, Pool and Deals rummy. If you want to learn something new other than 13 cards rummy, the rummy websites have a tutorial section on how to play 21 cards rummy along with practice tables. If you are signing up on any of the online rummy websites to learn the game as well as to earn real cash, always start from the bottom and play on as many practice tables and freerolls before joining cash rummy games and tournaments.

3. Learn from Experts

There are experts and pros on everything and as rummy is a popular card game especially in India, you can meet an expert in your locality itself. There are many clubs which conduct offline rummy events which are often played with cash. Get in touch with the club and the registered rummy experts to learn from them. The more you play and interact with these experts, the higher the experience you will gain along with a huge probability to learn some of the best Indian rummy strategies.

4. Friends and Family

Playing rummy with friends is fun and as there is no pressure involved, you can learn how to play rummy in the easiest way possible. As rummy card game is considered to be a traditional game in India, the game is acceptable to play in most families especially in southern parts of India. The game is actively played during festivals and family functions, you can learn the rummy game from your family itself. Also, take advantage of online rummy websites and their offers like “Refer a Friend” to play with your friends online and at the same time, earn cash inviting your friends.