Advanced Rummy Strategy

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Advanced Rummy Strategy

Looking for some great rummy strategies? Check out the advanced rummy strategy at RummyMillionaire! Learn secret rummy tips and tricks and improvise your gameplay to win big!

Rummy Strategy #1 - Use the Discards Section

The golden rule of playing rummy is to know your opponents’ picks and discards. If your opponent picks a card, never discard anything close to that card. This process requires good memory; however, you don’t have to worry about anything! You can use this rummy strategy by simply viewing the Discards Section. View and check all the cards picked and discarded by your opponent and avoid any mistake of discarding the wrong card.

Rummy Strategy #2 - Discard Cards Close to Joker

Another great rummy trick is to discard cards which are close to Jokers. If J♥ is the Joker, you can discard cards like K♥ and Q♥. You opponent is not likely to pick such cards as he/she would not want to use it waste it to form a pure sequence. This is an effective rummy strategy, which is usually used by expert rummy players.

Rummy Strategy #3 – Reverse the Trick

Most of the rummy players like to discard high cards during their first few moves. But if you get two closely related high cards, don’t discard them right away. Your opponent might discard one of your connecting high cards, which you can use to make a sequence. However, if this rummy strategy doesn’t work in the initial steps, you can discard them to avoid a penalty of lots of points.

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