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The rummy variant that we all are familiar is the 13 card rummy which also known as the Classic Indian Rummy. Indian Rummy is one of the most widespread card games in primitive as well as modern India. The game play of online rummy is simple yet remarkable, the basic rule of the rummy games is to draw and discard cards to meld your cards together. The player who is able to meld his cards into a particular combination first wins the game of Classic Indian Rummy. The game helps in increasing your mathematical and analytical skill. This is the main reason why the game is so popular in the modern culture where it is played as the most loved card game in India.

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The digitalisation has marked a massive change of how people used to interact with the outside world. All the traditional platforms are now being transferred online including the traditional games which have made the games future-proof. There was a trend where technology has overpowered the common games that we played even indoors. Lately the traditional games in India are shifting online making it live longer. People can easily login to their favourite website and play whenever they feel like playing. The enhancement in technology has made the gaming platforms life like without any loss of interest in game play whatsoever. The online rummy versions of Classic Indian Rummy also do not bring any changes to the game play. Some limitations of the Classic Indian Rummy were able to be eradicated with the advent of online rummy games.

How to Play Classic Indian Rummy Games?

The traditional version of rummy is easy to get a grasp on. People can easily login to find online tutorials in the Rummy Millionaire tutorial section. We have a fully fledged tutorial section with video demonstration explaining every aspect of the game. We also provide users with rummy strategies and tips and tricks which you can implement while playing online at Rummy Millionaire. The game play of Classic Indian Rummy is explained below:

The basic idea of the game is to improve your hand by creating sets and sequences. The game is usually played between 2 to 6 players; usually a single deck of card is used for playing it. The game gets more interesting with more people joining the game and the game play advances. The cards are shuffled together and are dealt to the players. After 13 cards are dealt to each player the remaining cards are placed faced down to make the 'Closed Deck' and the top card is placed on the table faced up making it the 'Open Deck'. A card is randomly selected from the 'closed deck' which acts as the Joker (Eg: If a 7 of hearts is selected as a joker, all the cards with the rank '7' will act as a joker irrespective of the suit)

Set: In rummy, set is received when three or four cards of the same rank and different suits are melded together (Eg: ♠2, ♥2, ♣2 is considered as a valid set as the rank of the three cards are the same and the suits are different.) It is mandatory to have at least one valid meld to declare your win. The missing cards in a meld could be substituted by a Joker.

Sequence: A sequence is a combination of three or more cards of consecutive ranks and same suit. (Eg: ♠7 ♠8 ♠9 ♠10 or ♥A ♥K ♥Q ♥J are examples of valid sequences in the game of rummy). There should be at least two valid sequences to win the game, the sequences with no substitution of Joker are known as a pure sequence. There should be at least one pure sequence for a valid declaration of hand.

Jokers: All printed Jokers and the randomly selected wild card joker can be used as Joker in rummy. A joker is used to substitute the missing cards in the sets and sequences. The wild card jokers can be used as a Joker as well as the normal card it represents.

How to Play Rummy Games at Rummy Millionaire?

To play online rummy, you can login to the rummy millionaire website and create an account with us. We have a very simple registration procedure, to register with us all you have to input is your username, your email address and a password. You can verify your email address once you start playing cash games. By registering with us, you will be taken directly to our game lobby, where you can choose from the different games that are available.

You will be able to choose from Cash games and Practice Games and Tournaments. If you are a beginner, we suggest you start playing with the practice chips that we provide you free while you sign up for your account. You can play and practice cash games as much as you like. If you are confident on winning the game, you can deposit money into your account and start playing. Rummy Millionaire offers special first deposit bonus where you can get extra value on your deposits. We also host daily free roll tournaments in which you can enter the tournament for free and play for a guaranteed prize pool.

Online Rummy Strategies

There are many tips and tricks in online rummy, from basic to advanced strategies, which you can use to overpower your competitors. The main idea is to confuse your opponent into thinking that you hold cards that are about to be folded or declared. By doing so, there is a chance that your opponent may fold his cards. To confuse your opponents you can discard all the low rank cards like 2 or 3 at the beginning which gives an impression that you are playing with a very good hand and you may declare the game at any time. You can also discard Jokers which also makes the same impressions. Take cards from the open deck multiple times which will again confuse your opponents and which may lead him to fold the cards.

Hope you have got the basics of the online rummy with us. If you have any further confusion on the rules and game play, you can always visit our tutorial section. At Rummy Millionaire, we always promote fair game play, you can be sure that you are being a part of a fair game with us. Our security algorithm blocks suspicious user account, rest assured that your skill never fails you. If you have any further queries please write to us at