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Play unlimited free rummy games at!

Ever wondered how people go from rookie to pro playing Rummy? This is your chance to learn the ropes of the game and go from being a noob to full-on veteran. Rummy Millionaire offers an outstanding platform to new players to become masters at playing 13 card rummy games.

At Rummy Millionaire, we offer top-notch rummy gameplay with real-time multiplayer gaming experience. We strive to provide a platform which is fair, transparent and exciting. If this is your first time visiting Rummy Millionaire, do give us a shot and play rummy online for free!

All new players with little to no experience can play free rummy games using pre-loaded practice chips to polish their skills and learn new strategies to make a smooth transition to competitive tournaments. Our descriptive and easy to understand video tutorials can help arm you with the skills required to participate and win games.

Playing at practice tables is an important part in becoming a better rummy player as it gives you the chance to engage and interact with players from different walks of life-- with their own playing styles and strategies.  Our extensive range of tutorials has been specifically designed to help you learn the basics and advance to expert level gameplay. We have made our interface as simple and effective as we possibly could to give you a world-class experience.

How to Play Free Rummy Games

Learn how to play free rummy games at!

Rummy Millionaire was developed with one sole objective- to deliver an exciting online rummy gaming experience.  Our easy to navigate interface coupled with the fact that we went the distance to ensure a fair game made us the leaders in the industry. You can go from a rookie to a pro using our easy to understand guides on tried and tested strategies of the rummy game. The platform is pretty straightforward and players, whether new or old will find themselves in familiar territory.

Just follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to play with practice chips:

  • Create an account with to play free rummy games.
  • 10,000 practice chips will be credited to your account when you register with us.
  • Go the ‘Practice Games’ section in the games lobby to select the type of game you want to play.
  • You can play Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy and Tournaments by paying the entry fee mentioned in the games lobby.
  • If you win a game, the winning practice chips will be automatically credited to your account. When you lose a game, the amount of losing chips will be deducted from your account.


There are different practice tables in the lobby and you have to pay an entry fee while you enter the table. The entry fee to play free rummy games ranges between 400 to 1500 practice chips. You can choose from the different tables you like and always reload the practice chips as you like once a day. If you win the game in a practice tables all the chips in the prize pool would be accumulated back to your account. This will enable you to participate in tables having a higher prize pool. It is easy to get hold of the game if you regularly practice in these tables, this will actually help you to make good results in the cash rummy played in the rummy tournaments.