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Enjoy a superior gaming experience with awesome features at Play rummy with fabulous game avatars in a rich gaming environment set in the glamorous theme of Las Vegas. Enjoy playing online rummy with an added dimension Face your opponents' avatars on exclusive 3D tables. You can also switch to the classic mode and play rummy games on superb 2D tables.

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Capitalise your skills and make a huge fortune at! The opportunity to win cash money at is much higher than other online rummy gaming sites. New series of tournaments and contests take place every week and you can win millions in cash prizes. You can also boost your deposit with weekly deposit bonuses and cashback offers that gives the best value for your bucks.

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Play Rummy Online and Earn in Millions! is a one of a kind portal that lets you learn how to play rummy and allows you to play Indian rummy online and win millions in cash prizes. We regularly hold mega tournaments where skilled players from across the country compete in competitive tourneys and play online rummy for cash as part of our exciting promotional contests.

We also encourage new and budding players to practice rummy games for free to get familiar with rummy rules and hone their skills to become the ultimate skilled player.

We have an extensive lineup of how to play rummy guides to help you become more skilled at your game and challenge more experienced players to an online game of rummy.

You can register for free and we will give you free play chips to practice with, or if you are in the mood to earn cash prizes, you can directly jump in and take part in a tournament.

If you think of online rummy as a whole new ball game, you are mistaken! Try playing on Rummy Millionaire. We have crafted our gaming tables perfectly, allowing you to indulge in a flawless game of rummy. Our online rummy platform is the best in the industry with a seamless real-time multiplayer gaming experience. We have millions of players logged in across India, so get ready to roll and join the rummy madness!

Rummy has been the favorite card game of India since its inception. Even though there are many rummy variations to choose from; Indian Rummy is the game that became the most popular variant. It's a skill based game which could also make you a lot of money should you decide to play rummy on one of our cash tables. Rummy Millionaire hosts cash tournaments every day giving you ample opportunities to play rummy for money.

There is a no dearth of players to compete against as we have millions of registered players from all over the country who are hungry for competition. So, in case you feel the urge to play a quick game of rummy in the middle of the night or early in the morning, you can be sure of finding plenty of players waiting for you at the table.

Online Rummy Game Variations

At Rummy Millionaire, you can participate in fun contests and tournaments with your friends and other players for cash. The promotions and bonus packages offered by us exist to encourage you to play more, get familiar with rummy rules, improve your skills and then move on to our cash tables to play cash rummy. Our tournaments are designed to create veterans out of amateurs so that they gain the skills, strategies and the confidence to participate in big-ticket events whether online or offline. Offering a wide range of rummy games to play; the aim is to expose our players to the full gamut of online rummy games including:

Points Rummy: Dubbed as the fastest form of rummy; each game of points rummy lasts for 1 deal only. In this variation of rummy, players play for points having a pre-decided value. The winner in the end is entitled to all the cash at the end of the game.

Deals Rummy: Deals rummy is a variation of 13 cards rummy where players play a fixed number of deals. Each player is given a fixed number of chips in the game and the winner of a deal wins the chips from the losing players.

Pool Rummy: It's an exciting variation of the 13 cards rummy. The entry fee is fixed for each player and they are required to pay in order to play the game.

21 Cards Rummy: The game is played in the format of points rummy; however, it is an intricate and elaborate rummy variant. The game requires to have a denomination or point value to be fixed in advance.

Our practice tables let you play without risking money; however, they are as real as it gets. Every variant of the game is unique with different gameplay and our full-fledged tutorials help you understand each game from a bird's eye view. At rummy millionaire, we also offer a range of strategies from basic to advanced, helping you master the game and become a part of the big league.

We encourage everyone, whether you are the serious kind of player or just trying to kill time to experience the best of online rummy. This is your opportunity to learn from the pros and move on to our big ticket tournaments against other seasoned players from all across India. We roll out tournaments on a daily basis and you are welcome to join our tables anytime you feel like.

Online Rummy Game Variations

At Rummy Millionaire, we take security very seriously and therefore we have invested heavily in creating a safe and secure environment for our players by incorporating a secure payment gateway and 128-bit encryption. We have further strengthened our security apparatus by drafting a strong policy against fraud and collusion by developing a proprietary algorithm which runs 24x7 stopping fraudulent activities in its tracks.

Our secure yet simple transaction procedures have been designed to make your lives easier while transferring funds. Moreover, our money withdrawal procedure is a breeze. All you need to do is share your account number and PAN card details with us and you can have money in the bank in a jiffy!

Bonuses and Promotions

We like to keep things interesting at Rummy Millionaire, which is why we welcome our new players with 100% bonus and other bonus packages. These can be easily redeemed when you make your first deposit. Moreover, we hate to see our players lose big time, which is why we help you get back into the game with our cashback offers. We also encourage you to improve your skills first by practicing on our tables before you decide to play for cash. There are no caps on how much you can win at Rummy Millionaire. If you have the skills, you can go on to win millions in cash prizes.

Once you register, you will love our simple and user-friendly lobby. All you need to do is choose your favorite avatar and start playing to witness the seamless experience we offer to our players.

Rummy is a skill based game with luck being a minor factor. And in case you wondering about the legality of the game, the fret not, as both the online and offline variants of the game are legal in India. The Supreme Court of India has already declared rummy as a game of skill and that it doesn't include any aspects of gambling.

Rummy Millionaire is India's top gaming platform for playing Indian rummy online and it is our promise to give you an experience which is fluid. We are the leaders in the online rummy gaming industry and it is our endeavor to offer our players maximum safety and a fair gaming experience.