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How to Utilise Your Joker Cards

If you ask me what the most loved card in the deck is, I will surely go with ‘Joker’. It surely has an aesthetic to it and stands out from the rest of the cards. In rummy, the Joker is the most valued card it can bridge the gap to make a sequence or a set. The Joker cards can come in handy in many situations, and if you use the cards wisely, you can surely win the game with Jokers.

Use the Joker Card in Rummy

Possessing jokers can increase your chances of winning. Apart from the printed jokers, there is wild card joker that is picked randomly from the deck of cards. You can use these cards to substitute the missing cards. If you know how to utilise your joker cards right, you are playing it right. Below are some of the strategies or Indian rummy card game rules that you can implement using joker cards.

Reduce the Points

The Joker is so useful even if you are losing the game. If your opponent has declared the game before you, you have the opportunity to reduce your points by combining the cards using the joker cards. You can meld the joker cards in groups to reduce your points while arranging your cards. It is always good to possess joker cards as it does not add weight to your points.

Use Joker to your advantage

If you get wild card joker cards, you can discard the cards that are close to the wild card joker. For example, if your wild card joker is 8♥, you can drop the cards close to it like 6♥, 7♥, 9♥ and your opponents will not be interested in those cards. You can have a safe discard by following this strategy.

Check the wild card Joker

Before you meld your card into sets and sequences, you need to check the wild card joker. Try not to make sequences that require the wild card joker. You can better utilise the Joker cards for other sets and sequences. This can also help to avoid discarding joker cards by mistake and can also assist you in choosing the right card from the open deck.

Next time you get a joker, try out these tips and techniques to use your Jokers wisely. Please do let us know all your queries regarding rummy at