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What Type of a Rummy Player are you? Decide Yourself!

Rummy has become widely popular in recent years. Owing to its success, it has gained a good amount of attention and thousands of users sign up daily for these online games. Traditionally speaking, rummy is a card game which has been revamped and given an online version. Now anyone can play the game wherever and whenever they want, sans any hassle. The rummy game download can be done on any kind of gadgets available at the moment with the person such as personal computers, smartphones and so on.

Just like every game comprises of different types of players indulged in it, Rummy is not an exception at all! In this game, players of different personalities and gaming style can be seen. Even though unknown to us, these players play a key role in helping us to learn different styles and in this way enhance our cognitive skills.

  1. The beginner who knows nothing

The newbies are the ones who know little to nothing and want to learn about the game in a true sense. Apart from newbies, we also have another kind of beginners who are known as Noobs. The noobs are those who do not want to learn any rules or nothing of the game and is just trying it out for the sake of fun, only.

  1. Players who are aggressive

The aggressive players are the real passionate players of this game. No matter how difficult the cards are in his hand, he would never fold his current game. Dauntless in playing all their hands and constantly melding their cards, these players are not much choosy about their starting hand in a game.

  1. The one who is sensible

Beware of the sensible players. These are the players who know how to play a calculative game. The intelligent players do not dare to take the slightest of the risks and tend to drop their game until they have a pure or sequential hand. These players sometimes even drop their game in the middle of an ongoing session if they predict that there is no chance of winning with their particular hand. They calculate their ways, put and set their cards in a logical manner and always seem to finish their hand first.

  1. The bluffer

Rummy is a game that needs full concentration and cognitive powers. Do hone your stance-reading skills or you might end up in the trap of the bluff masters. These players use tricks in order to make their opponent drop their hand prematurely. You may feel like they have completed making their sequence even when they are far from even having a proper start because they are capable of deceiving you like that! So, make sure to keep your eyes open when you have one of the bluff masters as your opponent.


The rummy game has millions of fans and these are the four main kinds of player you will surely meet at one time or the other in a game. These are the type of players who somehow make the game more and more interesting. Rummy game free download is just a decision away and you should try the game right now to decide under which of these four categories you fall.

Happy rummy to you!