Three Secret Rummy Strategies You Didn’t Know

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Three Secret Rummy Strategies You Didn’t Know

Are you searching for the best rummy strategies? If you do, you have hit the right place! Get the top secret rummy strategies that are guaranteed to make you a better rummy player.

Curious to know them? Check out the rummy strategies below and practice them every day to become an ace player.

High Cards: Everyone discards single high cards in the beginning of the game. However, if you have two connected high cards, don’t discard them right away. Wait for a few moves as your opponents are most likely to discard their single high card. If they discard any of your desired card, pick them up and complete your pure sequence. Use such tricky rummy strategies and stay on top of the game!

Calculation: Always calculate the total points of your hand after every discards. There could be a possibility that your opponent might finish the game in a few moves. If your hand still carries more than 40 points after 5 moves, be prepared for a middle drop. In other cases, if you opponent picks from the open deck for more than 5 times, you should go for middle drop.

Colour of the Hand: Always keep equal cards of the two colours – black and red. If your hand is filled with a particular colour, you will have less probability of getting your desired cards. When a hand is filled with a single coloured hand, you will have only two suits to form sets and sequences. So, it is wise to have a balanced hand of both the colours.

There you go! Now, you know the secret rummy strategies which you can use to improve your chances of winning! Practice them well on and keep winning!