Origin of Rummy Game and its History in India - Rummy Online

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Origin of Rummy Game and its History in India

History of Rummy

Playing cards is a common affair in India during free time, family time or on special occasions too. And rummy is definitely the most regularly played card game during those times.

Rummy has been around by over a century, but till recently, say a decade ago, has the game been able to achieve unprecedented success like never before.

No more is the game limited to your neighborhood hobby club playing nor is the pot amount frustratingly the same.

Today, online rummy offers you a much larger and competitive arena transforming the world as your platform to play rummy games with the best rummy players from across the world.

Knowing the origin of the game and its history in the context is not only interesting but kind of reinforces your love for the game.

Origin of the game

The most commonly accepted notion about the origin of the game rummy is that the game takes its origin from “Conquain” game with roots in Spain and Mexico over 400 years ago.

As the Spanish immigrants moved beyond their homeland, they took the game to several regions across the globe including countries like America and England.

Today, even after centuries, rummy continues to stand tall as one of the most popular cards games in the world second to poker.

Variants of the game

The number of the variants of rummy is as interesting as the game itself. Apparently, every region has its own flavor of rummy.

It makes for a really enriching experience for an ardent rummy player to try his hand at all the variants of the game. However, twenty variants of the game are recognized world over.

Gin Rummy is popularly played in America; while Indian rummy or 13 cards rummy is the favorite card game for many people in India.

Over the years, the technological advances and the change in player preferences have been pivotal in the emergence of rummy online as one of the favorite card games.

Rummy and its Indian connection

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we said that rummy means Indian rummy in India. People cannot imagine any other card game except the Indian Rummy.

However, being stooped in doubt and misconceptions like based on the chance the game had very limited growth for several decades. But, in the last one decade, things have changed for good.

Also, the Supreme Court stance recognizing rummy as a game that requires player’s mental skill to order win them has infused a fresh breath of life into the game.

In the last one decade with the beginning of the online rummy games, the game has witnessed exponential growth bringing to the light the tremendous growth potential of the online rummy games.

The present

With many established rummy operators offering a whole new world of delightful gaming experience, the game is all set to reach great heights in the coming days.

Further, with the advent of new players as well the scene has become highly competitive. With offers, promotions, attractive cash rewards and several options of the game to choose from, the game is no less than an awesome gaming experience.


With rummy being recognized as a mainstream entertainment in the recent years, online rummy has shattered many illogical conventions and paved way for an altogether new game that has withstood the tests of time and has been able to successfully adapt to the changes as well.