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Which One is More Interesting – Online Rummy vs Offline Rummy?

Offline Rummy Vs Online Rummy

This will definitely get you on an endless debate. You bet!

The hardcore traditional rummy players would scorn at the mention of online rummy dismissing it for its lack of magic and feel that abounds with the physical cards.

However, sentimental theories aside; online rummy has indeed caught the pulse of the gamers of today, and for all valid reasons.

Rummy is a game that gets on you instantly, regardless of how you play - with physical cards or online. Its magic is not in its cards; but, it’s purely the gameplay and the challenges that make the game so riveting for the players. Whether physical or digital, it is undeniable that the game as intriguing as it is easy to play.

So, which one would be interesting - the traditional way with the physical cards or the digital way - online rummy?

Here’s a thoughtful list of things that we find really worth its bucks to play online rummy. Besides, the fun and challenges of playing online are far more superior and unmatchable with the traditional game.

  • Time and place -no more deterrents

This one will see you beaming with a smile. Yes! Online rummy gives you the freedom to play just about any time you wish and, of course, any place you’d prefer. No more waiting for that “right” time.

Any time that you wish you play rummy is now the right time. What’s more? You could perk up your boring time in-between waits, graveyard shifts or travels, or even your lazy afternoons alike with interesting games of online rummy with the rummy game free download.

  • Entertainment in your palm

When we say this, we literally mean it. Rummy apps have made life so much easier. Save yourself from the grueling mindless shows on TV, or the packed houses of a near cinema hall.

Slip into the world of high octane entertainment with online rummy on your smartphone. Now, your personal entertainment is in your palm, always.

Fantastic! Isn’t it? What’s more? You get regular notifications and email/ SMS alerts related to rummy, the games, tournaments etc. keeping you in touch with the game almost all the time.

  • Options are plenty

Who would not wish to be spoilt for choice? The most visible advantage of playing online rummy is you play choose to play either free or cash games.

Online rummy offers you several options in terms of variants, infinite games and promotions and of course lots of reasons to play the game.

In addition to the popular Indian rummy, you could do rummy game download and try your skill at 10 cards and 21 cards rummy games too.

If you’re a staunch player of Indian rummy, then check the variant of the interesting 13 card challenger. You have options such as Points, Pool and Deals rummy to play.

  • Play rummy on any device

How we wish traditional rummy could beat online rummy on this account. Seriously, online rummy could be played on any device.

Whether it is your PC or laptop, mobile or any hand-held devices fun and excitement of rummy games do not diminish in any way while you keep switching devices with rummy game download.

So, the next time playing online rummy on your tab would be as much fun as you can imagine.


The proponents of traditional rummy will always have reasons to establish their point. But the facts are evident to you. Play online rummy and explore unlimited fun.