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Do you know the most Popular Indian Rummy Variations?

Rummy is a game which is of massive interest in India. There are players in India who consider rummy as a full time career. Platforms like Rummy Millionaire have made it possible for professional rummy players in India to rely on a trustworthy destination to play rummy online. Indian rummy online free play allows players to confidently play cash rummy completely hassle free.

Indian rummy variants

Indian Rummy Variants

Indian rummy is a game which has many variations which are commonly played in many parts of the country. The game of rummy has many lovers across the globe as the game offers an exciting game play. There are many online Indian rummy game variations that are played. Some of the most common rummy variations are as follows:

Points Rummy: This is the most common variant of rummy that is played in India. The game is played for a pre-defined monetary value and this makes it one of the most loved variant in India. This is a quick rummy format and it is played between 2 to 6 players. The winner of the game wins the prize pool. As this is a quick version of rummy, there are many lovers for this variant of rummy.

Deals Rummy: This is another exciting rummy variant in which the players play for an agreed upon number of deals. This is also played for monetary value which is obtained from the entry fee which acts as the prize pool. The winning player gets the chips from the losing players and the winner will be the player with the maximum number of chips in the end of the game. The winner will receive the prize pool.

Pool Rummy: Pool is rummy is another important rummy variant. This variant also requires the players to pay an entry fee which acts as the prize pool. A predefined point is assigned for the game and the player who crosses the point limit first is eliminated from the game. The winner of the game is the player with the least number of points.