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The Gaming Industry takes Precedence over Other Industries in India

Gaming Industry

Little did anyone expect that the gaming industry in India would start moving towards such great heights. Around a decade ago when online games were still frowned upon, the growth in the recent times has turned the expectations topsy-turvy with its growth numbers.

Today, the Indian gaming companies are giving a tough fight to their global counterparts. Currently, with over 250 game developers in the country, the industry is creating waves of change in terms of entertainment, games played, and the digitization initiatives of the government

Redefining entertainment

In the earlier days, entertainment was limited to visual media such as television and movies alone. When it came to games, people who know how to play rummy were still the chosen games for entertainment.

With the advent of smartphones and their rapid adoption by the people, online games took to a new level. It was the emergence of multiplayer games like online rummy that soon caught the fascination of the people.

Along with international games like Subway Surfers or Candy Crush, Indian games with local content such as rummy are equally popular.

Today, the industry is touted to reach 1 Billion by 2021.   According to a report, among the top-grossing Google Play Store apps downloaded 60 percent are related to games.

The smartphone revolution

Today, India is home to the second largest number of smartphone users in the world. Budget-friendly and feature-rich phones have brought entertainment within the accessible reach of gaming enthusiasts.

While free-to-play games still rule the preferences of the online gamers, the paid content is also gaining popularity. This goes to show clearly that gaming is going mainstream with gamers in the country choosing both free and paid games as part of their entertainment activity.

A country where access to desktop computers or console games was almost negligible, smartphones did the trick paving for a new era in personal entertainment space.

Game preferences

As the affiliation for puzzle games continue to still rule, social card games like online rummy are fast catching up.   As a game of skill that requires a player’s attention, keen observation and winning strategies, games like rummy have successfully been able to garner much attention from the players.

These games are easily relatable as players are acquainted with them as they have been playing them regularly offline too.

The attractive rewards

In all these high-octane activities, the real clincher has been the attractive cash games offered by online games. It’s galore of attractive offers and rewards that are attracting many gaming enthusiasts to play online games vehemently.

While online rummy is a huge segment, it offers an unbelievable array of interesting rewards that any player would not want to refrain himself from playing. The mobile versions of these games have added a sense of drama making playing on the go a reality.


As games are becoming an integral part of our lives, the future for gaming is bound to get even more competitive. The game developers have to try hard to differentiate their games from others while giving a delightful gaming experience to the online gamers. With both opportunities and challenges ahead, the gaming industry is all set to soar new heights.