Fun Card Games That You Must Try Once In Your Life

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Fun Card Games That You Must Try Once In Your Life

Card games have entertained people from all walks of life for over centuries. The interest in card games like poker, rummy and blackjack are growing day by day since the move to online platforms. If you are missing out on these games without even trying it once, you may be missing a big portion of a fun element from your life. In this article, we will be talking about three globally popular yet fun inducing card games that can excite, entice and delight you!

card games poker rummy blackjack


Poker can be considered as the King of card games at the moment. The globally popular game is played by more than millions of people per day, and the numbers are booming day after day. With different formats like Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Chinese Open-face extra, players from all walks of life enjoys this game for fun and real money.

There are also poker tournaments like World Poker Tournament held every year for the professional players of the game with million dollars in cash prizes. Some of your friends may already be playing this two card game for real money. So, get his recommendation on the best site to play poker and join him for some friendly yet adrenaline-filled battles.


Rummy is immensely popular in parts of India. The game got its routes in games like Mahjong from China and Gin Rummy which is famous in the United States of America.  In India, the popular variant of the game is 13 cards rummy, commonly known as Indian Rummy. With the latest developments in the tech and gaming sector in the country, it has become very easy to play rummy online.

Considered as a traditional skill-based game, it’s completely legal to play rummy in India. You can join any website and try your hands on rummy variants like Points, Pool, Deals or Tournaments for free and real money. Online rummy is easy to learn and yet hard to master as it involves skills and strategies you must apply to a game to gain a win. So, if you have already learned the rules for playing this skill game, you are halfway done. Practice more and join the tables for unlimited hours of fun.


This game can often be seen in big casinos or as one of the topmost games in app stores due to the simplicity to play. In Blackjack, you are not playing against your opponent but against the dealer who deals a card. With minimal actions and a target score of 21 to hit Blackjack, it is again one of the easiest games to learn. If you are good at memorising cards or calculating the probability, you will shine as a Blackjack player. The game is popular all over the world including India. So, if you are planning a visit to Goa, check out the casinos offering this exciting card game.