Are you a Beginner? Avoid these 5 Things while playing Online Rummy - Rummy Online

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Are you a Beginner? Avoid these 5 Things while playing Online Rummy

Rules of Playing Rummy

All of us have splendid memories of our childhood when we had our families huddle around for rummy games. And being kids, we always admired the enjoyment involved while playing rummy games.  Years later, the feeling is still the same-- enjoy the game and have fun. Today, even though the medium has changed from offline to online rummy; the thrill remains the same.

Having said that, you’ll need to keep in mind few aspects and avoid doing certain things when you play rummy online.

  1. Avoid playing on dubious sites

Not every site is safe to play online games. Especially when you’re playing cash rummy, you’ll need to share sensitive information about personal and bank details. Hence, always play with authentic and genuine sites. You could explore popular Indian rummy sites with millions of registered users and check user reviews too before you register with them.

  1. Avoid cash games initially

As you begin, equip yourself with the thorough knowledge of rummy rules and its tips and tricks. In your quest to excel, you might feel the urge to try your hand at cash games. However, avoid succumbing to such temptations. Even if you wish to begin with a low stake game; it is best avoided since you are in the learning phase. Begin implementing your newly gained knowledge at free games or free cash games, but avoid cash games initially.

  1. Avoid playing multiple tables

Do not engage playing at multiple tables. In your best interest, it is suggested to always begin playing one table at a time irrespective of whether it is a free or a cash game. Since you are in the process of developing your Indian rummy skills related to concentration, memory, logical reasoning and decision making, playing at multiple tables will distract your attention and fail to instill these skills in you.

  1. Avoid chasing losses

This statement would be redundant as long as you refrain from playing cash games during your early phase. However, as you take your initial unsteady steps of playing cash rummy, do keep in mind the golden rule -avoid chasing losses that may occur. You’ve got to get it etched in your mind firmly that rummy is just another game with its fair share of wins and losses. Hence, going about recovering your losses is next to insanity. Rather, take a break and spring back to playing with a new focus and zeal.

  1. Avoid being casual about the rules

The essence of rummy lies in its rules. The more knowledge you gain about the rules; the better does your mind open up to various possibilities of success. Also, knowing the rules of the game thoroughly will help you prioritize your actions while playing the game. For instance, the primary rule of 13 card rummy entails for a minimum of one pure sequence and one impure sequence. Now, knowing this rule will help you set your priorities right and focus on pure sequence first.

Begin your rummy journey on a good note

Do not let emotions take precedence over rational thinking. Rummy is a skill; pay caution and play comfortably.