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6 Things can come to your Rescue when Your Flight gets delayed

If you haven't experienced a flight delay ever, then perhaps you are the most blessed one! Delayed flights can get as annoying at the long line up of traffic during the work week. But, you have to accept it. Flight delays are neither stoppable nor you can do anything about it. Just in case the delay is for long hours, god forbid, you better have some exciting things on your mind to kill time. We have brought you a few interesting things that you could perhaps try doing in case of the inevitable.

  1. Relaxing session at a spa or a salon

You might try pampering yourself to a relaxing session at a spa, or a nail treatment at the nail salon should pick up your dull mood. These days, most international airports have a spa or a saloon for the convenience of the travelers. Make the most of your time and gift yourself the best look.

  1. Feel energetic with yoga

You could also try the yoga rooms at the airports. Do not worry about the mat – they provide you. A yoga session could also help you in dual ways – firstly, it would make you feel more energetic and put behind the woes of a grueling wait at least for some time; secondly, you would give your body and soul a healthy retreat which you may otherwise not be able to do during your regular schedule.


  1. Check for a lounge pass

You would check for lounge passes with the airlines. Airport lounges offer comfortable seating, quieter environments, wireless internet access and free drinks and snacks to their passengers and increase passenger comfort. Check for your connecting flight details and know if you could utilize the lounges. You could book through online platforms or purchase the passes at the lounge counter directly.


  1. Play online games

Online games are a blessing in guise. Especially, when are looking for some kind of an escapade, online games help you to start playing them anytime anywhere and feel entertained. You could find vast titles of games to choose and play. From simple dice games to online 24x7 rummy games to favorite games like Scrabble or Monopoly, you can play as long as you want.


  1. Time for some research

And if time permits you, do some research on the place you are visiting. It’s always good to keep yourself well informed about the place and what to look forward to. If you have already done your research and wouldn't be particularly interested in knowing more, perhaps, you could try checking information about something that interests you. A sure way to keep you entertained for some time at least.


  1. Grab a book

Heading to a bookstore and spending some time leafing through the titles could keep you occupied for some time. Needless to say, if you love reading you will enjoy. And for the uninterested folks, you may wander around and check out the new titles on the rack.


Enjoy your journey

The next time you are stuck at the airport due to a delayed or a canceled flight, do not worry – you always have options handy to keep yourself occupied for some time.