5 Tips to Excel in a Rummy Game

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5 Tips to Excel in a Rummy Game

Are you finding it hard in competing with the pros of online rummy? Do you want to excel your rummy skills? This article is all about tips and tricks to improve your rummy gaming skills. As you learn each skill we have mentioned here, try it on free tourneys to know how much you have learned. By the time you finish learning all five of them, rest assure that you will be the best rummy game player around!

Some of the skills you will need for a rummy game will also be helpful for you later in your life. Skills like observation, concentration, style of play, reading hands, mathematical and probability skills also helps in our daily life.

Salient Tips to Excel in a Rummy Game

There is an old say “Practice makes the man perfect”. Follow and practice some of the most important tips enlisted in this post to excel in a rummy game at rummymillionaire.com.

Taking Maximum Advantage of Jokers:

Having Jokers or wildcards in your hand of cards can be the best thing that will ever happen to you in a rummy game. But you should also know on which sets or sequences you should add Jokers to get maximum benefits. Your points can be reduced by adding jokers in meld if you are losing and also if you use them before forming two pure sequences.

Drop out

You can always choose to drop out of the rummy game if you haven’t got any good cards or if you are not confident enough of a win in the game. This strategy will make you lose only 20 points if you are dropping out at the beginning of the hand thereby having fewer points to deal with when you are starting the next hand of the rummy game.

Playing with Colors:

The color of the cards plays an important role in handling of cards. The cards should be placed in your hand in such a way that you won’t get confused while discarding. Cards can be placed in colors Red, Black, Red or Black, Red, Black sequences.


There are times when you don’t realize that you already have a set or sequences. Therefore always regroup your cards in hand when you are playing. You can also do the same while you are declaring to have optimum sets or sequences even if you lost the game to reduce the points.

Reading Hands:

One of the hardest things to do is reading hands of your opponent player while playing the rummy game. But if you do this, you are on your way to victory because all other tips are dependent on this. By acquiring this particular observational skill, you can know which cards your opponent is having and what meld he is trying to form. The trick is to guess what your opponent has got in his hand by observing the cards he or she is discarding and the cards he/she is picking up from the discards section. This tip always help, however, you need to hone your observational skills in practice games first.

We hope our helpful tips and tricks for the game of rummy will enhance your gaming skills. If you want further help, you can contact us at support@rummymillionaire.com and yes, don’t forget to share your views on our social media platforms after practicing the game using the suggested tips and tricks.