3 Things a Rummy Player Should Avoid

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3 Things a Rummy Player Should Avoid

Do you know the most common rummy mistakes? Even you might be committing them while playing! Check out the three things that you should avoid in online rummy games.

Game Drops:

You should always evaluate your starting hand before picking the first card. It would be unsafe to play without pure sequence and jokers. Thus, it is wise to go for first drop when you are dealt bad card to avoid getting penalized with more points.

Unconnected Groups:

Always avoid forming groups of unconnected cards. If there is not a single connected card, you should consider discarding them. Form a separate pile and keep discarding them. Otherwise, it will reduce your chances of winning and you might end up losing a lot of points.

Middle Cards:

Middle cards like 5, 6 and 7 are the most versatile cards in rummy. You should not discard them during the initial moves. It’s highly probable that your opponent might be having connected cards that he can use to form a sequence. Therefore, discard them only after 4 or 5 moves when you are quite sure that your opponent carries none.

Remember these points and avoid making such mistakes in rummy. You will be at an advantageous position and be closer to winning in online rummy.