3 Mobile Games that’ll Make you Smarter!

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3 Mobile Games that’ll Make you Smarter!

Gaming is evolving and so are the platforms you can enjoy them in. With the introduction of Mobile and VR Games, the number of players interested in online gaming has grown exponentially. While major share of the players enjoys mobile games, there are many players who prefer cross-platform games. In this article, we will be talking about 3 such cross-platform games that will make you smarter and improve your skills.

Play Mobile Games, Be Smart

Mortal Kombat X

One of the best fighting games ever released and rated R for violence and blood gore, Mortal Kombat X attracts gamers of all age group. The game is cross-platform and the rewards you win on the mobile platform can be redeemed on the console or PC version. The action game is also famous among players who are into making timely moves. The game requires precision in each move to defeat your enemies and thus can be really helpful for a good hand-eye coordination.

Rummy Games

If you are into card games, then check out online rummy for a perfect mix of adrenaline rush and fun hours. The game can be played on your mobile and desktop with ease. Some of the best online rummy sites have implemented easy ways for players to enjoy the game without even downloading into their smartphone. With daily promotions and bonus offers, every player is a winner in most cases. The game has also proved to improve certain skills like observation, calculation, and time-management.


Agar.io is a fun cell eat cell game which is accessible both on mobile and desktop. The target of the game is to become the largest cell by eating smaller ones. As you play this game, you will know how important it is to make twists and turns in order to dodge the cells that are bigger than you. This game is also excellent to get better in hand-eye coordination and thus rose the charts in .io genre of games.

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