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When it comes to playing card games like rummy, just one game is never going to enough! Most of the rummy players want to play one game after another and therefore there is nothing better than rummy tournament to fulfil the desire to play more. In we host multiple numbers of rummy tournaments which you can join for free as well as with a low entry fee.

rummy tournament

If you are a new player or just learning the game, you can join the freeroll rummy tournaments and win real cash without spending anything as entry fee. If you are a cash rummy player, you know what to do! Join any of the rummy tournaments with an entry fee to win prizes and real cash.

Different Rummy Tournaments at Rummy Millionaire

Below mentioned are some of the best rummy tournaments from which you can earn some fortune and fame.

Jackpot 500

Jackpot 500 is your daily chance to win real cash without spending any. The Jackpot 500 rummy tournaments run almost every hour and you can join them for free for a prize pool of Rs.500. There will be a maximum of 300 players testing their skills on 4 rounds of each tournament. There will be 10 winners from each of these tourneys. If you think you have got the skills to come out winner, play now and win some easy money.

Jackpot 2000

Jackpot 2000 is for all those rummy players who want to upgrade their game without spending anything as entry fee. In Jackpot 2000 you compete against 500 other players for a cash prize pool of Rs.2000. There are 4 rounds for this tourney and the top 20 players will take home their share of cash prizes.

Showdown Saturday 5K GTD

Don’t be bored on Saturday when you can win big playing online rummy. Join the tables every Saturday and play on Showdown Saturday 5K Guaranteed to win your share of prizes worth Rs.5000. Up to 500 players will be using their ace skills every Saturday at 8:00 PM. 20 winners will come out of  this 4 round rummy tournament and they will take home cash prizes worth Rs.5000.

Sunday Superstars 10K GTD

You can try your hands on freeroll rummy tournaments on Sundays too. Join Sunday Superstars 10K GTD with no entry fees and win cash prizes worth Rs.10,000. Play your ace game against 500 players and beat them all to win your big share of cash. Only the 20 top players will be rewarded from this online rummy freeroll tourney.

Daily 2000 GTD

If you love to enjoy the adrenaline of playing cash rummy games, you can join the Daily 2000 GTD every day at 8:00 PM with an entry fee of just Rs.10. Join the tables and play against 500 opponents to win your share of cash from a prize pool of Rs.6500. There will be 4 rounds for this tourney which may vary depending on the number of players joined.

Guntur Express

Take a joy ride on online rummy tables with Guntur Express tournament. Join the table with an entry fee of just Rs.25 and compete with a maximum of 50 opponents for a prize pool of Rs.1125. The tourney will start every day at 8:30 PM with 3 rounds including the grand finale. Only the top 10 players from this tourney will be rewarded with cash prizes. So, polish your game, join the tables and look for wins to grab your share of cash.

Super Master

Missed your tickets to Guntur Express? Check out the Super Master rummy tournament scheduled for 9:30 PM. Join with an entry fee of Rs.25 and play your best game in this 3 round rummy tourney. The top winners from the tourney will be rewarded from the prize pool of Rs.1125. A maximum of 50 players can join this tourney. So, make sure you are skilled enough to beat the odds and win the cash.

Sizzling Saturday 15K GTD

Sizzling Saturday 15K GTD is one of the biggest rummy tournaments for the weekends. All the cash rummy players at can join this tournament with an entry fee of Rs.30. A maximum of 500 players will be competing for a prize pool of Rs.28500. The 4 round rummy tournament will run on every Saturday at 2:00 PM in Points Rummy format and 37 winners will be rewarded from the prize pool.

Supernova Sunday 25K GTD

Have more fun every Sunday with RummyMillionaire’s Supernova Sunday 25K GTD rummy tournament. Join the Sunday only tourney with an entry fee of Rs.30 and play your best game in Points Rummy format. A total of 500 players can join this tourney and play for cash prizes worth Rs.47500. The tournament will start on 2:00 PM every Sunday and will be played on 4 rounds including the final round. There will be 37 winners who will be sharing the prize pool.

Elite Tournament

Know what being Elite is all about! Join the Elite Tournament with an entry fee of Rs.100 and compete for cash prizes worth Rs.5400. The tournament runs every day at 4:10 PM and a maximum of 60 players can join the tables. The 3 round rummy tourney will be played on points rummy format and there will be 10 winners who will be sharing the prize pool.

Afternoon Delight – 100 Added

Test your rummy skills every day at Rummy Millionaire with Afternoon Delight – 100 Added rummy tournaments.  The tourney will be played in points rummy format with a maximum of 50 players. You can join this rummy tournament with an entry fee of Rs.25 and be one in the top 10 players to take home your share of cash prize from a prize pool of Rs.1000.

Rummy tournaments are the best way to make some quick cash if you are a skilled player. You can play on freeroll and cash rummy tournaments here in Rummy Millionaire to showcase your ace skills to your opponents. Also, don’t miss out on our occasional festive rummy tournaments to win cash prizes worth up to Rs.2 Lakhs. So, join the tables now and let your rummy skills do the talking.