Refer Your Circle of Rummy Friends and Win Big Bonuses

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Refer Your Circle of Rummy Friends at

At Rummy Millionaire we are always here to provide you with ultimate bonus and offers that will keep you entertained for long. We offer an opportunity for you to refer your friends and help you to gain benefit from it. We all know that playing games with the circle of rummy friends is exciting and nothing can substitute the happiness.

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With continuous requests from our players in Rummy Millionaire, we have made the 'refer and win' bonus available to all our players. We consider the bonus as a win-win strategy where you receive a bonus and we will receive more valid customers. You can now invite your rummy loving friends for a bonus that will help you inviting your friends. To avail this special bonus, all you have to do is to refer one of your friends that you think will join and play rummy at Rummy Millionaire. The more you refer, the more you can earn from Rummy Millionaire.

Referral Bonus Details

'Refer and Win' bonus is designed for the players who are interested in the game of rummy and want their friends to join the game. You can get even happier rather than playing with your friends, you also get a chance to redeem bonus as soon as your circle of rummy friend starts playing cash games in Rummy Millionaire. With more and more people joining the game from different location it is your time to gain an extra more cash by referring your friends.

The important thing to note is that in order to redeem the cash bonus, you need to be a cash player at Rummy Millionaire. You can invite your friend and you can share up to Rs 2000 as referral bonus with your friend. You will be receiving a bonus of Rs 1000 and your friend will also be receiving a bonus of Rs 1000.

Refer 5 Friends Extra Bonus at Rummy Millionaire!

If you refer one of your friends, you will receive Rs 1000 in the mentioned criteria. Similarly you will receive Rs 1000 per every friend referred. If you refer 5 friends together and you will get Rs 5000 plus additional Rs 5000 as extra Bonus.

How to Redeem the Bonus: After you have referred your circle of rummy friends to play Rummy Millionaire, you will be able entitled to redeem the referral bonus. The bonus that you are entitled to, will be disbursed at the rate of 20% of the losses that your friend pays to his opponent. If your friend loses a cash rummy game at Rummy Millionaire, for example, Rs 1000 to his/her opponent, you will be receiving Rs 200 as bonus as well as your friend. The upside of this bonus is that losing a game at Rummy Millionaire is not as heart breaking as it is as you and your circle of rummy friends receives bonus on the loses.

The extra Rs 5000 bonus for referring 5 friends can be redeemed once you have received the completed bonus from referring your 5 friends. You will have to send an email to Rummy Millionaire ( to redeem the extra Rs 5000 bonus.

Terms and Conditions for the Refer and Win Bonus

  1. The player must be a cash player to invite the friends and claim the Refer and Win bonus.
  2. The games which are played against the referred friend will not be eligible for the bonus.
  3. Referral bonus will be disbursed at the rate of 20% of the losses that the referred player pays to the opponent. 20% will be disbursed to you and your friend.
  4. The Refer and Win bonus expires within 30 days of the first deposit of the referred player.
  5. Rummy Millionaire player verification and eligibility criteria is applicable and is to be fulfilled for the participation
  6. The invited friend does not hold an existing account with Rummy Millionaire.
  7. Creating multiple Rummy Millionaire accounts for a single user is not eligible for the bonus.
  8. Close relatives including Parents, Siblings, Spouse, Children and other family members are not eligible for the bonus.
  9. The bonus is valid only if the referred player registers using the link provided by Rummy Millionaire in the email invitation send to you.
  10. You ensure that the players who are invited by you have the consent to receive email invitation from Rummy Millionaire.
  11. The invited friend is at least 18 years old and is not a resident of territories where Rummy Millionaire services are restricted.
  12. The bonus will be restricted if the referral link is distributed to unknown people by sending bulk mail (SPAM) or any similar medium.
  13. You acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions of third party website that are used by Rummy Millionaire to import your address book that contains email address of your friends you wish to invite.
  14. Rummy Millionaire holds the sole discretion to restrict you or your friends from participating in this promotion and lock the account in case of suspected manipulations or fraud.
  15. The Refer and Win bonus offer may be withdrawn anytime on the violation of any of the conditions or services of
  16. An extra bonus of Rs 5000 is eligible for players who have invited 5 valid referrals.
  17. The extra bonus of 5000 shall be claimed once the main bonus of Rs 1000 per person has been disbursed to your account.
  18. You shall send a mail to with the details of your 5 referred friends to disburse the extra bonus
  19. Requests shall be received within 30 days with successful KYC, email verification and mobile verification.
  20. The referred friends shall provide with valid documents including not limited to Deposit Proof, Bank Statement, Pan Card and ID proof which should be submitted within 7 days of request or 30 days from your friends joined Rummy Millionaire (Whichever comes first).
  21. The claim shall stand invalid till all the referred friends provide with valid documents as requested by Rummy Millionaire.