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Mobile phones have been our most trusted personal assistant for a very long time now. It has helped us to get connected in the most needed time and also a life saver in most of the time. The advent of smart phones in India has marked the dawn of useful mobile applications which made our lives simpler. The entertainment and gaming industry in India has also grown significantly in the smart phone era. Recreational indoor games like card games are also now available in smart phones. Now people do not have to carry an extra deck of cards in their pocket when they can just do a rummy game download and play multiplayer card games with their friends anytime they like. \

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The introduction of mobile games has made an evident growth of the mobile gaming industry in India. Now there are many multi-million companies that are investing in the Indian gaming industry. Many of the traditional games in India have been shifted online and have been a tremendous success. The revenue from the mobile gaming industry in India has also increased in the decade. What started as monochrome games in India is now a million dollar industry. The traditional card games like Indian rummy which includes playing with real cash has made it a prominent online casino game in the industry.

Dawn of Mobile Games in India

Gaming in India is a diverse deal. As there are many cultural differences in people of different states in India, people play different localised variant of games. But when it comes to indoor games, card games are widely accepted throughout India. Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India which gives a thrill while playing. People usually play rummy for cash and it is also widely accepted inside the family. Rummy is an important recreational game that is played inside the families during the get together of the relatives and also during the festivals.

It is not until lately the online version of the favourite card games were baptised to the online world. It has marked a tremendous increase in the overall popularity of the game in the Indian youth. The online version has arrived at the time when the traditional rummy was in the verge of extinction. The main reason why Rummy was about to get wiped out was because of the time limitation that people had in the busy days. The online rummy however has brought a change which allowed people could play rummy whenever they wanted and wherever they needed.

The advent of mobile rummy games has also made the game more popular and handy. It is now easy for people to do a rummy game free download and earn money on the go. Mobile rummy is one of the best games that are now popular in India. The mobile rummy games have made sure that people can play rummy on the couch or on the bed before they go to sleep. The improvement in mobile phone technology together with the android and iOS ecosystems has made smart gaming feasible. Now mobile games are capable of competing with the graphics of PC games. The development in the field of mobile data technologies including 3G and 4G has also made online mobile gaming a trouble-free experience.

Upsides of Mobile Rummy Compared to Traditional Rummy

The traditional rummy is the game which is played between a group of friends or family. The traditional rummy compared to its online counterpart has many differences. Some major comparisons between traditional and online/mobile rummy is discussed below:

Cards: To play the traditional rummy you need 2 decks of cards handy, Most of the time you end up buying a set of card. While in online or mobile rummy you just need to take the mobile phone out of your pocket to start playing.

Dealing: In traditional rummy shuffling and dealing may sometimes get tricky if you are relatively new to the game. In mobile rummy, the shuffling and dealing of the cards is automated and it is does not take any time at all compared to traditional rummy.

Platform: Traditional rummy cannot be played everywhere, some of the basic necessity of traditional rummy is a flat surface or a table to place and deal the cards. Mobile rummy in the other hand has no limitations of such. You can even play mobile rummy even while you are travelling.

Holding Cards: In traditional rummy, your hands and fingers may get numb after a bit time of playing. For beginners it will be nearly impossible to hold the 13 cards and arrange them. While playing cards in mobile, you can play with your one hand! Automatic sorting function sorts your cards in a single tap.

Time: The time you play rummy can be very difficult in traditional rummy. After a hard day at work, you may want to play rummy at 12 midnight and probably you will not be able to find people to play with you. In mobile rummy, you can play rummy 24x7 and thousands of players will be online so you can play anytime you like.

Points Calculation: In traditional rummy, you will need a pen and paper handy to note the points that you have received which can get messy at times. In mobile rummy everything is automated and you can concentrate on your game play.

Fair game play: Unless you are playing with professional / serious rummy players, chances are that you end up fighting over points and rules in traditional rummy. Mobile rummy in the other side has automated fair game play and you will never have to fight over the rules or points earned.

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