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Believed to be born centuries ago, rummy has been the most popular cards games in many place of the world. Although not a casino game, it is one of the most loved card games that people hold close to the heart. Rummy has been popular in India for decades. The card game is the most common indoor game for families in India; this has helped in increasing the confidence level of children. Rummy is a game which requires some level of calculation thus it also helps the younger ones to learn the basics of mathematics and be good with numbers.

21 cards rummy

The rummy game has always been the most loved game considering the traditional and cultural background it holds in India. Almost all of the variants of the card games are played in India including the 13 card variant and the 21 card rummy. Most of the people in India are grown up playing the Indian version of rummy. This has been passed through generations and this is the main reason why the game became so popular and has developed as an online game. Major chunks of Indian youth are playing the online rummy. It is the latest talk of town and more people including the pro rummy players are now shifting online to play and win cash.

Rummy Game Variants

The rummy game variants are far more than appreciated in India. Even though people in India would like to stick to their roots, they also like to try out the new stuff. The popular variants of rummy are the 13 cards rummy otherwise known as the Indian Rummy and the 21 cards rummy which is also popular in India. Shanghai Rummy, 500 Rummy, Contract Rummy etc are some other variants of rummy that are not so popular in India but which are internationally well-liked. The 21 variant of the card game is much fun to play online as it is very difficult to hold 21 cards in hands.

Rummy Millionaire hosts 21 cards rummy tournaments where you can play your favourite game anytime by logging into our website. We have included the 21 card variant as it is also a common variant of card game that is played in India. Most of the card games that are played in India are both interesting and challenging that is why we have come up with a gaming website where all your needs are taken care of. You can safely play the 21 card rummy with us anytime you like, we offer 24x7 gaming services. We have daily tournaments, both cash tournaments and freeroll tournaments that are hosted in our game lobby.

Some other variants of the Indian rummy are points rummy, deals rummy and pool rummy. There are only some differences in how points are calculated for each of these variants. The basic game play of the game is to pick and discard. You need to pick a card from the deck and discard a card to meld your cards into sequences and sets and discard a card you do not need.

How to Play 21 Card Rummy

The most interesting thing to note about rummy is that, you can always win the game if you have the skill. It is not a game that is based on luck, but it is a game of skill. A skilled player can always win the game no matter how bad his hand is. Three decks of cards are used to play the 21 cards rummy, similar to the Indian rummy, 21 card rummy is also played between groups of 2 to 6 players. Every player is dealt with 21 cards each.

Compared to the 13 card variant the 21 card rummy differs in the use of Jokers. A part from the printed joker there are 3 different type of joker that are used in the 21 card variant. The three different types of Jokers are discussed below:

Cut Joker: Similar to the 13 card joker, the cut Joker is the joker that is selected at random. The card is selected from the card that is remaining after dealing 21 cards each to the players. The joker can be used to substitute the missing cards while melding the cards into sets and sequences.

Upper Cut: The upper cut joker is the card that has higher rank than the Cut Joker. For example, if the Cut Joker is 6 of spades, the upper cut joker will be 7 of spades.

Lower Cut: The lower cut, similar to the upper cut is the card that is the lower rank to the Cut Joker. In the above scenario if the cut joker is 6 of spades, the lower cut will be 5 of spades.

The main objective of the game is to make sets and sequences with cards you are dealt with. Apart from sets and sequences there are some more melding concepts for the 21 cards rummy. Since 3 decks of cards are used to play the game, there are chances you receive 3 cards of the same rank and suit which can be melded together to form a "Tunnela'. Another melding concept of the game is known as "Dublee' which is the combination of 2 cards of the same rank and suit. It is important to note that Jokers cannot be used as a substitute for 'Tunnela and 'Dublee'.

21 Card Rummy Game Rules

To win the card game, you need to meld your cards into any of the following:

  1. You need to meld your cards into at least 3 pure sequences and rest of the cards can be arranged into sets or sequences.
  2. You can also win if you are able to arrange your cards into 3 'Tunnela' of different suits. The rest of the cards need not be melded.
  3. 8 'Dublee' melded together can also be considered as a win. Other cards need not be melded.
  4. If you have 8 Joker in a single group, you can win and you need not meld other cards in your hand.

The best way to know more about 21 cards rummy is to play the game. Log in to Rummy Millionaire and start playing 21 card rummy to have great fun!