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How to Upgrade to a Cash Rummy Player?

Are you a free rummy player who is thinking to play cash games? If you are, then what’s stopping you from playing cash rummy games? Is it the fear of losses, lack of confidence or some doubts about the legality? Whatever it could be, this piece of article will clear all doubts and help you to upgrade from a free player to cash rummy player.

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Playing online rummy with stakes is absolutely legal in India. The courts have cleared online rummy as a game of skill and playing with money is 100% legal. So, if you have any doubt, it’s time to clear them and upgrade to the next level of the game.

Learn Advanced Strategies

Don’t be overconfident on winning free rummy games! Trust us - the arena of cash rummy is on a completely different level. The same strategies won’t work in cash games. You must learn advanced strategies and use them in free games. Only after you have used all the advanced strategies and defeated your opponents, you should advance to the next level of cash rummy games.

Evaluate Yourself
Before you venture out in cash rummy games, you must evaluate your level of skill. Go to your game profile and check how many games you have played and won. If your winning percentage is more than 20, it’s time for you to play cash games. If you have won more than 30 free games overall, you should be confident enough of your set of skills. Winning more than 30 games implies that you know all the rules and have defeated more than 30 opponents. If you haven’t more than 30 games, we advise you to play more and complete this milestone before playing cash games.

Manage Freeroll Cash

The most important aspect about playing cash rummy games is managing your bankroll. As you don’t have any cash to play, we advise you to play freeroll tournaments to win money for free. Once you have won some free money, use it to play cash rummy games. If you are winning streak, it can’t get better than that; however, if you lose in a row, you must stop playing for cash. Manage your bankroll and never let it fall below 25% of your total amount. If you have won Rs.100 in a free roll tournament and lose more than Rs.75 in a row, stop playing. Take a break and come back to recover your bankroll. This management of your free cash will help you to become a great cash player in the future. You can also download rummy games and manage your cash on your mobile.

Follow these rules and we are sure that you will be a great cash rummy player at Rummy Millionaire!