Types of Rummy Tournaments to Win Real Money

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Types of Rummy Tournaments to Win Real Money

With the rise of rummy games in India, the gamers have now infinite ways to get away from boredom while earning some real money. The skill based card game has become so popular over the last few years that players enjoy to play it even for free on their mobile devices. With daily and exclusive promotions that reward a player’s account with real money, the popularity of the rummy games will be on a rise in coming years too.

If you have been playing rummy for long and were unable to make real money, we suggest you to join rummy tournaments. Rummy tournaments are the perfect chance to show-off your skills and also to know how good your strategies are. As only the pros of the game can move from one round to another in a rummy tournament, the need for practice before booking your seat is also of much importance.

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You can join most of the tournaments with an entry fee but that doesn’t mean you can’t book your seat for free either. Many websites run freeroll tournaments and multilevel tournaments that can be joined for free. Types of rummy tournaments that will reward you with real money are as mentioned below.

Cash Rummy Tournaments

Ever since the traditional game of 13 cards rummy moved to online platforms, players have been joining the websites to win real money from the cash rummy tournaments. Most popular websites host multiple tournaments in a single day that can be joined according to your expertise and the required entry fee. The bigger the entry fee, the bigger will be the cash prizes you can win from online rummy tournaments. If you are not yet a cash player, you can make a first deposit on any website and play at least a cash rummy game to get counted as one. Cash tournaments are one of the exciting and adrenaline filled tournaments as real money is involved. The game is meant to bring your best skills and strategies together in order to win a big prize pool. If you have never tried it yet, login to your Rummy Millionaire account and start playing!

Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are held in most online rummy websites and as the name suggests, they can be joined for free. These free entry rummy tournaments are for new or amateur players who are still learning the game or can be played in order to perfect your strategy before you invest real money in the website. The freeroll tournaments reward the winner with cash prizes without the need of investing anything as entry fee. Many big tournaments also run freerolls as their satellite rounds from where players can win their ticket to the grand finale. The opponents you play at freeroll can be an amateur or a pro and it depends on the website you are playing in. If you are looking to play rummy for free against professional players to improve your skills, register at RummyMillionaire now!

Live Rummy Tournaments

Live or offline rummy tournaments are rare in India due to the concerns in the legality of the game. Still there are many clubs in India where you can get a membership to play real money rummy tournaments. Popular rummy websites also host weeklong tournaments like WRT which are held in exotic locations like Singapore and Malaysia that rewards the winner with Rs.1 Crore in cash prizes. To get an entry to this tournament, players can either buy their ticket for the whole event or can earn their ticket by playing on satellite rounds in the website. Only the pros reach the finale of big event like World Rummy Tournament. So, make sure your skills and strategies are perfected before you try your hands on it.