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How to Top Rummy Leaderboard Contests

Leaderboard contest at Rummy Millionaire is all about excitement and fame! We strive to provide our players with best in class rummy promotions and tournaments. We also offer our players with a hassle free mobile rummy gaming experience, click on Indian rummy game free download and install the game now. We also offer a wide range of contests for our players at Rummy Millionaire. Our leaderboard contests are rewarding and offer you a chance to rank in the wall of fame!

Tips to win leaderboard contests

There are different types of leaderboard contest that are hosted in Rummy Millionaire. Depending upon the objective of the leaderboard, you may want to win maximum cash prizes or play maximum number of games. The ranks will be listed in the leaderboard and you can always take a look at it anytime during the contest. If you want to take part in the leaderboard contests hosted in Rummy Millionaire, you can check out our promotions section now.

It is not difficult to take part in leaderboard contests. There are certain things that will allow you to easily rank in the leaderboard and win the contest. Please find some tips below.

Rummy Leaderboard Contests

When it comes to choosing the table to compete in the leaderboard contest, be wise. You will have to choose a table that is right for your budget. Also note that the tournament tables are not valid for the leaderboard contest. So you need to make sure that you are joining a cash table and not a tournament table.

The next important thing to note is that you need to give priority to the high table. This will allow you to win more in a short period of time which will actually add up to your points in the leaderboard. The more you win in the cash tables, the higher are your chances to win in the contest. Being a winner in the leaderboard contest means that you have additional reasons to be happy!

You should also check your scores regularly so that you understand your position in the leaderboard. This will allow you to have an idea on how many games you should play more to top the leaderboard contest. You can always check the scores in the Rummy Millionaire website contest section.

You should also note the time frame of the contest. The contest will require you to rank in the given time frame, so be vigilant on it and start playing accordingly. Also some of the leaderboard contest also requires the players to deposit a minimum amount to take part. You should note that too if you want to win the rummy leaderboard contest.

So the next time you are looking forward to take part in leaderboard contest, make sure that you take note of these points. Play responsibly!