Top 5 Mobile Apps Found on Every Guy’s Phone

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Top 5 Mobile Apps Found on Every Guy’s Phone

Smartphones have helped the way people do everyday things. Things we used to do manually have become much easier with the help of internet and some mobile apps. With better technology and apps that can serve you in every way possible, both app development and portable devices market are growing. In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 apps we see on everyone’s phone. Go through the list and let us know whether we have missed any.

top 5 mobile apps in india

Gaming Apps

Gaming apps are the most downloaded apps from app stores. With free to download options, we don’t see this trend to go down anytime soon. More than that, the in-app purchases for upgrading certain elements or features in the games also helped gamers from all walks of life to enjoy an upgraded version of the game. In India, games like rummy are topping the charts. Online rummy variations like Gin, Shanghai and Contract Rummy are easily available to download for free. A player can create a free account and start playing with chips which don’t have any monetary value. If a player wants to enjoy rummy for cash, he can do that also easily by downloading the game’s APK file from the online rummy site he has an account with.

Messaging Apps

With the rise of instant messaging mobile apps like WhatsApp, Hike etc., most of us have already stopped using SMS or MMS services. These apps are most regularly opened apps in our smartphone and thus one of the most common apps found on everyone’s phone. With the inclusion of more features in these apps, it has become much easier for everyone to stay connected in personal and professional life.

Mobile Apps for Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are topping the charts in social media category in India. Snapchat is still trying to find a momentum in our country, but it won't take long as the smartphone market is growing day by day. Mobile apps like Pages Manager from Facebook and apps from Google help a user to manage his work tasks whenever and wherever he wants.

Utility Apps

We sure have multiple utility mobile apps installed on our device. The utility apps range from ticket booking apps like Book My Show, hotel or food ordering apps like Zomato to taxi-hailing apps like Uber or Ola. Other apps that help us to lead an easy life are QR or Barcode Scanners, Document Scanners, PDF Readers etc.

If you have favourites among these apps, let us know by commenting below. Want to enjoy multiple rummy variations? Register at for free and start playing rummy for cash!