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Strategies to Win Rummy Online

Playing rummy with the pros can sometimes be tricky. But if you know how to play your cards right, you can succeed and win lots in real cash. In this article, we are discussing on some of the basic to advanced strategies that you can implement while playing rummy online.

Strategies to win rummy online

Even though rummy is a very easy game to play, it can take time to master the game. The really skilled rummy players can declare a game in less than 5 turns (card dependent). It all depends on your analytical and mathematical skills which you can improve just by playing rummy.

There are people who consider rummy as a serious part-time job! Given the real money involved in the game, there is nothing to get amazed of. Most of our players in Rummy Millionaire play cash games and tourney and win lots of prizes in cash. Below are some of the tips that may come handy while playing rummy online:

Rummy Tricks & Tips

  1. Observing the Cards: The most important thing to note while playing rummy is to remember the cards that you opponents take from the open deck. It is also important to note the cards that they discard. If you do this, you can be sure on which cards to discard and also guess the status of your competitor's hand. Your advantage of observing the cards is that you can have a wild guess on which are the possible cards that are likely to be pulled out from the closed deck
  2. Bluffing: Bluffing is a term which is commonly used in poker. But if you are smart enough, you can bluff your opponent to drop the game even in rummy. Some of the tricks to bluff your opponents are by creating a feeling that you have a very good hand that can be declared at any time. Some of the tricks that the players implement while bluffing are as follows:
  • Discarding Low value cards: People usually discard the high cards at the beginning of the game. By discarding the low value cards like 2,3,4 etc will mislead your opponent into thinking that you have a very good hand that will be declared any time
  • Discarding Jokers: Discarding Jokers also will give a similar feeling to your opponents as people usually do not discard jokers. The scenario where jokers are discarded is when people are usually looking for a final card to declare, but have nothing but the Joker to discard.
  • Bluff Safely: When you are bluffing, make sure you do it only once in every 5 to 6 games. If you bluff and lose the game, your reputation can diminish. So make sure that you bluff less often to really getting your opponent to believe you are about to win.

So if you have learned these advanced rummy tricks and remember to use it while playing tournaments, you will have a really good chance of winning the game. So don't wait any more, head right to the Rummy Millionaire cash tables and play online rummy games and win some serious money.