Secret 13 Cards Online Rummy Tips Revealed

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Secret 13 Cards Rummy Tips Revealed

As rummy game has become one of the most favored entertainment medium in the entire Indian gaming industry, players enjoying this game on their desktop or mobile have multiplied over the last couple of years. With more players come competition and a desperate need to win more games. Unlike other games, rummy is a skill cum strategy game and the players who play smart only can gain a win. As a new player to this game, you can polish the in-born skills by playing more games and can learn the strategies by playing especially in games where real cash is involved.

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Most pro players don’t share their secret to success. Therefore it is always up to you to test different strategies against different set of players to know what works and what not. You can also visit some websites that offer online rummy tips or watch some tutorial videos that will brief you about the basic rules as well as the advanced online 13 cards rummy games strategy. You can take a note of such tips and apply on your practice games to get used to the strategies and later apply the same of rummy tournaments and cash games.

Some of the basic tips to win more games while playing online rummy are listed below. Bookmark this page for a quick reference while you play on multiplayer cash games or tournaments.

Value Pure Sequences

Rummy is a game in which sets and sequences can make you win or lose a game. As the game requires a compulsory pure sequence, you must aim to create it as soon as the 13 cards are dealt to you. You can increase your chances of getting a card you need to complete the pure sequence by discarding cards next to Joker cards. Also, have a check on the discarded cards by your opponents as it will help you understand the hand they might be having. This will help you to have a better game plan.

Value Joker Cards

Joker cards can be said as savior cards in a game of rummy. They help us to complete the unfinished sets or sequences we are willing to create. After completing your pure sequence you can place the Joker cards in incomplete sets or sequences to know the most feasible one when it comes to reducing points. Discarding high point cards if they are not melded will also help in reducing points and if you are missing just one card to complete a set or sequence, take the advantage of your Joker cards.

Track your Game Plan

You can easily track your game as well as your opponents' by checking the Discards Section feature in game tables. This will show you all the discarded cards by you as well as your opponents’ giving you an idea on what your opponent’s hand is. If you think your opponent is having a better hand than you, don’t be reluctant to drop as it will only cost you middle drop points. As the player with minimum points wins the game of online rummy, always try to discard cards after checking your opponent’s hand. This will help you reduce points and also gives you a major chance to gain a win.