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Rummy Strategies That Help You Win

Rummy is a game that is played in almost all parts of the world. The online version of rummy has lifted the popularity of rummy in India. Now the young generation of India also values the importance of the game. Rummy being a game of skill requires an adequate amount of experience to master. With thorough practice, you can evolve into an expert rummy player.

Rummy Strategies to Win

The rules of online rummy are pretty straightforward and you can easily learn how to play the game. The important deal of playing rummy is how you play your hand. If you are a beginner in rummy, you can improvise and make use of these rummy strategies to excel in it. Almost all of the expert rummy players implement strategies that will help them overpower their opponents. So if you learn how to execute these tips effectively, you will be able to win the game of rummy. Below are some of the basic to advanced rummy strategies.

Pure Sequence

The first and foremost thing to note while making a sequence is that you should aim for the pure sequence first. A pure sequence is the combination of consecutive cards of the same suit without Jokers. When you are dealt with your hand, make out the possible combinations available and see if there is a pure sequence. If not, your first priority should be to make a pure sequence. Having a pure sequence will reduce the burden of points. If you do not have a pure sequence and someone finishes the game, you will be getting the maximum points. Once you have the pure sequence, you can start making up other sets and sequences.

High card

Rummy is a game of draw and discard, you should note to discard your high value cards first. This will also help you to reduce your points while someone finishes the game. Discard those high value cards that you think are not useful to meld sets and sequences. At times you may need to keep hold of the high cards. There might be situations where your opponent is in need of a high card. If you have noticed your opponent taking a high card from the open deck, you may want to hold the high cards. This will make sure that you are discarding the cards that your opponent does not require.

Value your Joker

Joker can play a vital role in helping you meld your cards into sets and sequences. At times you may find it difficult to meld you cards because of the missing cards. If you have a Joker with you, you will be able to substitute the missing cards with it. So it is important that you value your joker and use it judiciously. If you have a joker in hand, the chances are that you can reduce your points by substituting the missing high cards with Joker so that you can reduce your points while someone declares. You can also rearrange your sets and sequences in the best suitable combination with Jokers to reduce the points while showing your hand.

You should also consider discarding the cards that are closer to the Joker as you will not make sets or sequences with these cards. Always take note on what is your wild card joker so that you will not discard or meld the joker into sets and sequences using their face value.

Arrange your Cards

Arranging your cards is more of a good practice rather than a rummy strategy. If you arrange your cards properly, you can have a better overview of your cards. It also keeps you in track of your card requirements. While arranging your cards, always note that you arrange by the colour of the cards. If you group your cards alternatively according to their colour, it will be easy to differentiate the suits. This will also refrain your from discarding an useful card in your hand. Also re arrange your cards time to time so that you can have a better idea on when you will be able to finish the game.

Opponent tracking

You will always have an extra edge if you have a brief idea on what cards are your opponents holding. This will help you to make smart decisions on your discards. All of the expert rummy players implement this strategy to make quick and smart moves. If you know what your opponent needs from you, you can hold that particular card. You can easily understand the cards that your opponent is holding by memorising the cards that he/she has taken and discarded to the open deck. You will have an idea on whether he/she is about to finish the game and what cards they need. If you know these, you can stop feeding them with those cards.

Rummy Bluffing:

If you are an expert rummy player and have the reputation of being one, you will be able to implement one of these. One of the smart rummy moves is to confuse the opponents. You can confuse your opponent into thinking that you are about to win the game. This will force your opponent to fold his/her hand. To do so, you should do some things that winning players do. You should try taking cards more often from the open deck. If you do this for 2 or more times, your opponent might think that you may finish the game anytime. Another smart move is to discard low value cards first, this will also make a false impression that you are about to finish the game.

Executing these strategies effectively requires constant practice. If you are a comparatively new rummy player at Rummy Millionaire, play at the practice tables and try using these techniques and see if you succeed and win lakhs in cash prizes. Once you become a master of implementing these techniques successfully, you can head directly to the cash tables and start playing for cash. If you have any queries on the rummy strategies & tips mentioned here, please do let us know at