Indian Rummy Rules Explained in Simple Steps

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Rummy Rules Explained in Simple Steps

Online rummy is on a rise and the number of individuals interested in playing this game is also on a rise. Because of the same, it is now very important that everyone who enjoys the game should know the rules for playing rummy. While understanding the rules of Indian rummy is easy, mastering it can be hard as it requires lots of patience and practice.

Only the players who have enough patience to play one game after another can be considered as the pro players and these players can be found on the elite tables winning real cash worth lakhs. If you are a new player and want to be like the, you must first understand and learn the rummy card game rules before you start investing your time on the game. In this article we will be explaining the rummy rules in few and simple to understand steps. You can bookmark this page for your future reference whenever you are in doubt.

  • The basic concept of Indian Rummy is to make sets and sequences. The player who does this first and declares first is declared as a winner.
  • A player is dealt with 13 cards from which a player needs to make his melds.
  • While making melds, make sure you have at least one pure sequence. Joker cards can be used in incomplete sets and sequences other than pure sequence which is compulsory.
  • You can use both Wildcard and Printed Jokers to complete your sets or sequence.
  • Most online rummy websites already have features like auto-sort and discard section window to make your game play easier.
  • Play according to online Indian rummy card game rules and declare only after grouping and re-checking your hand.

As said earlier, rules for playing rummy is easy to understand but requires your investment of time to master. You can start your career simply by joining practice tables or freerolls in popular online rummy websites to memorize the rummy rules and to improve on your strategy.