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How a Rummy Player’s Brain Functions While Playing?

Right Brain Vs Left Brain

The brain is the most complex organ of the human body. The functions of the brain are so complex that it resembles nothing less than the activities and processing that happens in a data center.

Yet all of these translate into simple but clear signals that are sent to different organs of the body at the right time and controls them to work in coordination with each other.

Several research activities in the field of neuroscience have clearly enumerated the fact that music and games have a positive effect on brain functioning.

When playing classic rummy online free too, both the left brain and the right brain work in tandem to help you decide your actions.

Our brain is divided into two hemispheres – the left brain and the right brain. While the left brain is the logical thinking segment that does all the analytical and reasoning activities, the right brain is the creative side of you, which works on intuition, creativity and has an uncanny sense about things and people.

Intriguing? Well then, enjoy this small read that throws light on how a classic rummy player’s brain functions while playing the game.

  1. The initial stage

At the start of the game, when the cards are dealt, the left brain takes precedence and performs the following functions

Analyze: The left brain being the logical section of the brain starts analyzing the cards to understand if you have a good or bad or a mediocre hand, to begin with.

Arrange: It then signals you to arrange the cards in a logical way so that you can figure if you already have any cards ready to meld into a set or sequence.

Calculate: It calculates your odds of winning and works out the possible cards you would need and the ones you could discard.

The right brain which is the creative segment of your brain complements the left brain by performing the following activities

Arrange by color: When the left brain is busy analyzing the cards at hand and working on its arrangement, the right brain helps you in arranging the cards based on their color – red or black.

Calculate: When the left brain is calculating the odds of winning, the right brain helps you to look at creative ways of melding your cards into sets and sequences.

  1. At the later stage

As the game unfolds and you start with the process of picking and discarding cards with each move, your left brain calculates and lets you decide which cards to be discarded and keep your prospects in the game alive. The right brain in parallel, which works on intuition, helps you to guess the probable cards your opponents may be holding based on the cards they discard or pick.

Further, the left brain processes data in a sequential manner to draw logical inferences, the right brain takes a more holistic view of the situation and tries to analyze based on intuition.

Left or right – Let your brain decide it

When you play classic rummy online, it is both a science and bit of an art too. Your mental skills of reasoning combined with your uncanny understanding will help you in your decisions at every level.