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The Right Way to Play with Jokers


Many rummy experts have proposed different online rummy strategies on how to play the right way with Jokers. A prolific player is one who has the knowledge of all the online rummy strategies and implements the right move according to the situation. Jokers can be used in many ways; here are some of the most useful ways that you can play rummy with Jokers:

Focus on Pure Sequences

You must have two pure sequences in your hand to win in rummy. So, forming pure sequences should be your first criteria while playing rummy games. If you have a Joker, don’t use it right away to form sequences. Focus on forming two pure sequences first and then use the Joker to form sequences or sets.

Manage Your Jokers

You must learn how to manage your Jokers. If you get lucky with two or more jokers, simply have them as a separate group. Keep it as a life-saving group, which you should use after forming pure sequences. The right way to use the group of jokers will make all the difference and help you win the game.

Discard the Right Cards

Most of the elite players use this trick! Rummy players usually do not like to waste Jokers to form pure sequences with it. So, the canny rummy strategy would be to discard cards that are close to Jokers, making it difficult for players to pick. If 9 is selected as the joker, you can discard cards close to the joker like 7, 8, 10, and Jack. It would be safe to assume that your opponent would not pick your discarded card.

Jokers in Excess

Everyone craves to have Jokers in their hand, but the excess of it could be useless! So, don’t get excited if you get lots of jokers as it could ruin your odds of winning the game. 4 or 5 jokers can make it difficult for you to form two pure sequences. So, discarding a Joker could be the right move as it open up the possibilities of forming pure sequences.

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