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Quirky Approaches to Avoid Mistakes While Playing Online Rummy

Rummy Mistakes not to make

Mistakes are the unintentional and undesirable part of any activity that we do. More than what not to do, you learn how to avoid committing those mistakes again.

At Rummy games where even a minuscule mistake could cost your game, the age-old adage - prevention is better than cure, appears to be the aptest statement.

In online rummy too, when playing the game, you can anticipate things and try your best to avoid them and achieve your success at 24x7 rummy games.

Here are few quirky approaches to avoid making mistakes at rummy games.

  1. Playing cash games at the start

Patience is the success ingredient of 24x7 rummy. If you are a beginner in the game, you may feel prompted to start playing cash games. But, behold yourself from yielding to the urge.

Cash games require practice, patience and above all be adept with your strategies to win at cash games. The best and perhaps the quirky way to handle such situations would be to start playing more of practice games and free cash games.

Here, the benefits are 2 pronged. Firstly, playing more of such games will help you improve your rummy skills, and secondly in case you win any of the free cash games you get to enjoy real cash rewards in return!

  1. Playing when stressed or feeling down

Rummy is definitely a great entertainer. But it is certainly not the game you should choose to play when you are feeling pretty stressed or low.

It is a game meant for deploying your mental skills and the melds cards at hand. Hence, keen thinking, strategies, and decisions are vital elements of the game.

Loss of focus means loss of money in such situations. An interesting way to tackle such situations would be not to play for some time.

This state of temporary abstinence will help you clear the cluttered thoughts in your mind and approach the game with a new perspective, better strategies and of course a new vigor to your game.

  1. Being hasty

Patience helps you to avoid impulsive actions which could dent your prospects at winning 24x7 games. Being hasty is very similar to getting off a bus hurriedly even before you reach your destination.

Such actions are best avoided and not repeated. A rather offbeat way to handle such situations would be to shift your focus on other departments of the game.

Concentrate on the cards in the discard pile, try and understand your opponent’s motives or you could keen observe your cards to plan your next actions.

  1. Check over enthusiasm

An enthusiastic approach to the game is very essential to build a positive mindset at the start. But overenthusiasm is likely to kill the game at the budding stage only.

Maintain a calm composure and evaluate your odds of winning in order to develop winning strategies. Keep a watch on the cards being picked or discarded.

Also, if winning rummy with the fastest meld is one way to win, closely watching your opponents would surely prove to a great way to take your game towards the winning path.


Regardless of which game you play getting over your mistakes at the right time will fetch you remarkable results in the game.