Present and Future of Indian Rummy Games

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Present and Future of Indian Rummy Games

Since we all have moved away from traditional ways of playing games, gaming has now become one of the favourite means of entertaining yourself beating watching TV or reading novels by miles. Nowadays, most games including traditional card games have moved to online platforms and rummy games are no exception. Since the move to online platforms, there has been a considerable amount of growth in the number of players playing Indian rummy for fun as well as to earn real cash.

In this article, we will be listing out the present and future of Indian rummy games and the things you can expect in the card gaming industry pretty soon. Read on and let us know if you think there will be anymore developments other than what we have shared.

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Present of Indian Rummy Games

In India, most rummy game enthusiasts still love playing offline. This is because most of them are still unaware or are unsure about the legality of the game which clearly says ‘rummy is a skill game and cannot be considered as gambling”. Although, because of proper marketing by popular online rummy websites, the scenario is changing and more people are getting informed about the legality of Indian rummy and ways it can benefit to them both in terms of skills and rewards. The present of Indian rummy is mostly consisting of online rummy websites having a loyal set of players who love to join exclusive promotions for big rewards.

The players at present can join tournaments that can sit up to 2000 players at once and play against them to win a big prize pool. Players joining online rummy websites also enjoy special bonuses on their first deposits and on next deposits if made during any bonus offer promotion period. The online rummy websites have now moved one step forward and have introduced mobile rummy apps to gain more players. As most of us are now spending more hours on mobile devices and consoles, this can be a good move for both players and developers.

Future of Rummy Games in India

The future of rummy games in India looks bright and a boom in the number of players is also predicted. With mobile rummy games taking over the desktop apps, people enjoying cash games on mobile may rise in the following years.

As the government gets clear about the legality of Indian rummy, we may also see some of the top websites hosting satellite rounds for live world class rummy tournaments like World Rummy Tournament in the near future once again. In the near future, we also look forward to virtual reality and artificial intelligence to go hand in hand to deliver a seamless and adrenaline filled gaming experience to everyone who joins the Indian rummy table.

As the smartphone market and usage of unlimited internet is on a rise in India, it might just take some years until we see these changes to our beloved Indian rummy card game. What all other changes are you expecting to happen in the rummy games industry? Post your views below!