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The Prediction of the Status of Rummy in 2019

The immense rise of the game of rummy has been seen in the past few years in the digital gaming market. Among many online games in the Indian market, it is rummy which has earned the greatest of popularity and fame. And, this is why, we can predict that rummy has a bright future ahead and would not disappear into oblivion anytime soon.

Rummy has reached at its peak and is a fan-favourite because of it being a social game. Traditionally, rummy used to be played among family members and friends, and now, keeping that in mind, it has been given an avatar of digitalized one and can be played with strangers over a solid internet connection from a comfortable space. Let’s discuss some predictions that can be posited from its current success rate and popularity:

  1. Will it be legal?

As a game of rummy requires cognitive skills and a huge amount of concentration, it is known for strengthening one’s mind. Moreover, you will need weeks and weeks of practice before you can successfully win a hand. So, even though rummy rules are pretty easy, but the strategies take time to conceive and this is why it is not a child’s game. Moreover, the online sites are all legal and earning money from them is not an issue at all. However, Telangana has banned the game, but the rest of India is in support of it and rummy is not really going away or will be banned in the rest of the country and you can be sure of that.

  1. The convenience of smart phones

Playing rummy is now easier with the advent of smart phones. People are switching from using desktops to mobiles because they are portable and more user-friendly. They can now play the game whenever and wherever, thanks to the godly invention of the rummy application. Moreover, learning how to play rummy has also become very easy because of the availability of online tutorials. Hence, the verdict is, 2019 will surely see a hike in the number of players of rummy due to the convenience of mobile phones.

  1. Live rummy and multi-playing

Nothing can match the thrill of playing a game live with real persons playing from the other side. Rummy apps have a great interface which supports multi-playing and live games. Now you can even participate in real tournaments with other rummy lovers and have the time of your life.

  1. Prioritising fair play

Being a money-related game, rummy surely needs a good security and safety protocols. This safety is seen by the TRF of the rummy federation, who works to ensure a safe and secured gaming option and also incorporates fair playing and uniform Indian rummy rules for the players. And it can be predicted that more such security groups will bloom within the year of 2019 with the constantly rising success of rummy.

  1. Taking over by technology

The digitalisation of rummy is already a bright example of the positive rise of technology and by the next year, it will some more. The enhancement of technological services would also see a more standard and transparent version of transactions in the rummy game.


Thus, 2019 have a lot in store for the success of rummy, with more upcoming tournaments, amazing prizes and technological advancement awaiting the players.