Popularity of 13 Cards Rummy Games in India

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Popularity of 13 Cards Rummy Games in India

13 cards rummy has grown in popularity over the last few years because of the boom in internet and gaming market in India. The game is now being enjoyed by more than millions of people in over a dozen of online rummy or mobile rummy portals. The game being a skill based one, it is very easy to learn once a player gets used to the basic game rules.

13 cards rummy games

Some factors that helped the growth of online 13 card rummy games is the element of tradition and culture involved in it. Rummy is one of the most common games played in southern parts of India during social gatherings, observances and festivities. The love for this game is imaginable and thus when the game moved to online platforms and got its own place in top gaming websites, a big mass of players started to play and enjoy this game.

Card game enthusiasts were the first ones to adopt the idea of online rummy. As online rummy rewards the players with more limitless fun-filled multiplayer gaming hours and real money, the game was meant to bring more players on board. Special promotions that make players to refer their friends brings a steady flow of new players to the online rummy websites making the rummy card game popular not just in India but also in a global scale.

Online rummy websites were steps above in offering the best experience compared to live tables. They added multiple variants of rummy like Points, Pool and Deals in formats like 13 cards and 21 cards rummy. An option of playing for free also made more players to register while players who wanted more adrenaline, made deposits and moved to real money rummy games.

13 cards rummy games have now moved to mobile platforms reaching more people than ever. Nowadays, many smartphones comes with in-built rummy apps from a popular online rummy website. If not, players can visit an app store to download a rummy app to their device for free. It allows them to practice more and play free games anytime and anywhere they want.

Players who want to play real money games on the mobile devices can do so by visiting the online rummy website they are currently playing in and downloading the APK file of the 13 cards rummy games to their device. Once installed, this app allows a player to enjoy all the exclusive features of the online rummy website including game variants, making transactions like deposits and withdrawals along with easy access to special promotions.