How to Play the Worst Rummy Hand the Best Way?

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How to Play the Worst Rummy Hand the Best Way?

Have you got a bad rummy hand and don’t know how to play with those 13 cards? It happens most of the time and you start thinking it’s almost impossible to make a set or sequence without any jokers. In the game of rummy, skills has a huge role and therefore even after getting bad cards, you can claim a win or lessen the burden of points by playing tactically.


The first thing that you should do after getting bad cards is to carefully monitor the discards section because; your opponent player might throw away cards that are beneficial for you. Also, try to discard any high cards like J, Q, K and A from your hand after reading your opponents gameplay so that even if you lose, it don’t incur any additional points.

So, what to do if you don’t have Jokers? If you don’t have a joker, it might get harder to make melds. So, what you can do is discard high cards and try to make sets or sequences out of middle cards like 5 of any suits. That means, you can make sequences like 3,4,5 or 4,5,6 or 5,6,7. Even if you fail to make a meld at the end of the game, as the middle card is of low point, it won’t affect you game score much.

If you are already leading the game, it’s not a bad idea to drop out of the game also. You can do the same when you are not feeling confident enough to play the hand or when you can’t find any strategy with your cards.

You can learn more strategies to play the game of rummy in a good positive way even after having a bad hand. Just visit our other blog articles and learn how to play the game with more strategy than just playing for luck.