Play Rummy in Unorthodox Ways!

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Play Rummy in Unorthodox Ways!

Rummy is a fast paced game and is no short of a thriller movie when you just need a single card to finish the game. The game can get too intense and if you are playing offline rummy, the intensity can be seen on your face. So, if you are playing offline/online rummy, it is always better to know some strategy to play the game in an unorthodox way.

As with every other card game, rummy also depends on the cards you get when the dealer deals you. It’s your responsibility to safeguard the cards and your mind from your opponents so that they don’t discard cards that are unfavorable for you. For this purpose, after the cards are dealt, just arrange them and practice to have an eye contact with your opponent without a change in your facial expression. This technique relates a lot to Poker Face and is good to hide the excitement and other feelings when you get a desired card.

Another way to play the game of rummy in an unorthodox way is to give out cards that you think might be useful for you. You should be extremely skilled in calculating the probabilities before you choose to play this rummy strategy. By doing this, your opponent might think, you are making another sequence and help you out with some cards that you are seeking. You can start experimenting this strategy on practice tables and once you get enough confident, try on the freeroll tourneys and later on the cash tables.

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