How to Play and Enjoy 24x7 Rummy Games?

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How to Play and Enjoy 24×7 Rummy Games?

If you are a kind of player who is hooked to a game like rummy, we have a list of ideas that will help you enjoy 24x7 games. With rummy games on a rise in India and players starting to enjoy this game with real money, there is rarely anyone who doesn’t want to try their skills and win real cash with 13 cards. Now with traditional games including rummy being ported to online platforms, it has become much easier for a player to enjoy the game for free or cash.

If you are Indian rummy game enthusiast, here are the simplest of ways you can indulge in a game that involves strategy. Most of these platforms are easily accessible and guarantees you unlimited entertainment whenever you want.

play 24x7 rummy games

Go Online

One of the easiest of ways to play 24x7 rummy games is to go online. You can register at for free and can join the practice or freeroll tables to kick-start your online rummy career. Once a cash rummy player, you will be accustomed to enjoying daily promotions, challenges and contests with big prizes. You can also try your strategies on the real money tournaments or special festive events to win lakhs in cash prizes. The easy deposit and withdrawal system allows you to claim your money and transfer it to your bank account in less than 24 hours. If you haven’t had your hands on online rummy yet, try it now!

Go Mobile

Once you have tamed the online rummy web platform, you can go one step ahead and try your skills on the smaller screen. The mobile rummy platform allows you to have access to game anywhere you want and brings the same excitement to the table. You can find multiple rummy apps on both Android and iOS devices available for free. If not, just visit the online rummy website you are playing in and download the cash rummy APK to play 24x7 rummy.   

Go Offline

If you are playing offline, make sure you are playing with your friends or family unless you are a pro. Offline rummy games are hosted in various clubs in India where thousands of professional players showcase their skills for a big prize pool. One such event was the World Rummy Tournament 2015 which was held in Malaysia, Singapore and Penang with a prize pool worth Rs.1 crore. The qualifier rounds were held online, and the winners of them were rewarded with free tickets to the main event.

If you are still an amateur player, we recommend you to try these methods to play 24x7 rummy games. Are you already having a fun time on the online rummy tables? Let us know of your experience in the comment section below!