How to Play 10 Cards Rummy the Easy Way!

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How to Play 10 Cards Rummy the Easy Way!

10 Cards Rummy is an exciting new and fast-paced variation of Indian 13 cards rummy. You can enjoy this game at and have a gala time winning more cash in less time. The rules of 10 cards rummy relate a lot to the 13 cards format. So, if you are already good at playing 13 cards rummy, we guarantee that you will do better in this shorter format of the card game.

Learn How to Play10 Cards Rummy

10 Cards Rummy Rules

The 10 card rummy game is played with one or two standard decks of 52 cards including the Joker cards. The game can be played between 2 to 6 players at Rummy Millionaire. If you love playing real money or free rummy online game for an adrenaline rush, this format is guaranteed to deliver it with its fast-paced gameplay with multiple players. In this game, 10 cards are distributed to each player on the table, and the rest of the cards are placed on the table facing down to make a closed deck. A single card is taken from the top and is placed face up to make the open deck.

10 Cards Rummy - Objective and Gameplay

The high cards like J, Q, K and A along with 10 carry 10 points whereas the other cards carry the numerical value. The objective of the 10 cards rummy game is to make sets and sequences with the cards dealt with the player. The player who has made his meld need to discard one of the cards to the ‘Finish’ to declare his game. Make sure to set your cards in valid sets and sequences before you attempt to declare the game. If you are a winner, you will get zero points whereas the opponents will bear the sum of the cards they are holding.

In case you are dropping out of the game without making a move, you will lose 20 points, and the dropping from the middle of the game will cost you 40 points. If you are missing more than three turns, the game will cost you 40 points. A player can lose with a maximum of 60 points for invalid declarations.

The winnings in 10 cards rummy are calculated as below.

Winnings = (Sum of points of all opponents) X (Rupee-value of the point) – RummyMillionaire Fees.

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