Online Rummy – A Game of Luck or Skill?

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Online Rummy – A Game of Luck or Skill?

Online rummy has been one of the most played games in India from the time gaming business boomed. Even after getting its roots good enough in Indian gaming industry, many of us are unaware or are unwilling to play this thrilling game because of the uncertainty in the legality of the rummy game. We will tell you why rummy should be considered as a game of skill rather than a game of luck.

In a game of rummy, a winner is decided on the basis of the melds i.e. sets or sequences he make in fastest time possible. It needs a lot of skills rather than luck to make pure sequences from the 13 cards that are dealt to you. Sometimes, you might have to counter your opponents by discarding the cards he doesn’t want. You can do this only when you can read his game plan and the meld he is trying to make. There is no luck involved in any of the tactics you use while playing rummy.

The only factor of luck involved in rummy is the cards that are dealt to you by the dealer. As with every other card game, nobody can predict the cards you get, sometimes they might be good and sometimes bad. But it’s not the cards you are dealt, but the way you play with those 13 cards really matter in the game of rummy.

Supreme Court of India will be issuing its final verdict on the legality of rummy by January 2015 and rummy lovers including the online players are looking forward for a positive response so that they can enjoy this amazing game and also earn some cash by using their skills. If any of your friends are doubtful of the game or its legality, share this article to them to make him understand that rummy is game of skill and not luck.