Is Online Gaming on a Growth in India?

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Is Online Gaming on a Growth in India?

It’s been over a decade that most of us have moved from traditional gaming platforms to online platforms. The card games we used to play while we were kids are now easily accessible on the internet and can be enjoyed for free whenever we feel like. With better internet connectivity and highly improved PC and game mechanics, it is already predicted that the next decade will see an extravagant growth in online gaming. Some of the core reasons for this prediction of growth are as listed below.

Online gaming in India

Better than the Best Internet Connectivity

There was a time when we used to download videos in kilobytes and took two whole days to watch them complete. Times have changed now, and with better connectivity across all states in India, we can now connect to a game or stream a video easily. With 4G and WiFi being the number of internet connectivity preferences among the gamers in India, we can expect hours of fun playing multiplayer online games without any disconnections or other issues. With better connectivity, it should be noted that the cheap options to access the internet has also helped gaming enthusiasts to enjoy the game more than what they used to do.

The Game Formats & Variants

If you play online games on mobile, PC or a console, you may already know the number of options you get. You can jump between action games to adventure to strategy to roleplay games whenever you feel like, and it is what helping online games a popular choice among the gamers. The card games industry is also not that different. A player can play 24x7 rummy games or poker for free with professional players for a maximum adrenaline rush. As online rummy games also have multiple formats and variants, the game can never get you bored for sure.

Audio & Video

Well, most of us grew up playing 8-bit games, and the whole scenario changed in less than 20 years. Nowadays we are playing games on 4K resolution and furthermore with VR technology which offers a player with real-life action. The audio in these games have also changed as instead of just playing title music, we can now control the level of audio for each section of the game, say, music, UI, effects etc.  While playing 24x7 rummy games, you can also expect to hear sounds on notifications, incoming chats, card dealing, start or end of a hand, timer etc.

With a booming gaming industry, we can expect online gaming to be the next big thing if not at present. You can enjoy 24x7 games playing multiple variants of rummy at Register now for free and start playing with real money!