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May Mayhem Promotion at Rummy Millionaire

At Rummy Millionaire we make sure that as a rummy lover, you feel satisfied with the bonus and promotions that you receive. So hold back tight as we offer you with the amazing leaderboard contest to win 1L in cash. 'May Mayhem' is the new contest that is running in Rummy Millionaire and you can win the contest if you are a regular rummy gamer. Play rummy and overpower your opponents to the top of the leaderboard to win the prize pool.

Rummy Millionaire Leaderboard Promotion

What is May Mayhem Contest?

If you are an admirer of the online rummy games and you have the confidence to win more games than any other player, it is your chance to win Rs 1L. Just login to Rummy Millionaire and play maximum cash prizes and earn points to reach the top of the leaderboard. You can play as much as cash games as you like.

How to Participate in the Contest?

To participate in the amazing tournament from Rummy Millionaire, just make a minimum deposit of Rs 250 during the promotion period. Once you have deposited the amount, go to the Rummy Millionaire game lobby and play cash games. The player who wins the maximum games and receives maximum points during the promotion will rank first in the leaderboard.

The top 250 players in the leaderboard will be getting prizes depending upon the points they have earned during the May Mayhem contest. Total prize amount is worth Rs 1L and you can easily win the prize by playing and winning to the top 250!

May Mayhem Schedule

The May Mayhem contest is scheduled to be live on 3rd May 2016, to 4th May 2016. So you can keep playing for 2 days to top the leaderboard and crush your opponents. Please note that the players who are participating in the May Mayhem contest are supposed to validate their email address and phone numbers in the Rummy Millionaire account.
Tips & Tricks to Win the Contest

To win the leaderboard, it is important to track the status of your rank in the leaderboard. You can play more cash games and you will get an idea on how much games you need to participate to top the leaderboard.

So do not miss this opportunity. Head directly to the cash tables and play your cash games and earn extra cash by climbing the peak of the leaderboard.