What makes Rummy an Interesting Card Game?

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What makes Rummy an Interesting Card Game?

Rummy card game, popularly played in India as well as in some parts of Europe and United States is one of the best card games filled with excitement. The game is usually played with 13 cards in Indian subcontinent but in Europe and United States where Gin rummy is more prominent, 10 cards are dealt to each player who is playing. An element of skill required to play this card game makes the rummy game different from other card games which are majorly dependant on luck factor. When it comes to playing with skill, the rummy can be compared to games like Chess and Monopoly which requires your best strategy to tackle your opponent and win the game.

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The rummy game rose to popularity with the rise of online gaming in India. The game is very easy to play with simple rules which make the game accessible to children, woman and man alike. Once the basic game rules are comprehended, a player can join any table if he is playing on any online rummy website. With more and more online rummy websites getting launched, it is now very easy for a player to go through each of them and select a platform where he want to spend his game time and have fun.

Benefits of Playing Rummy Card Game

While joining most of the online rummy websites, a player may also get rewarded with some free cash or bonus amount which makes him to play for more hours. The rewarding program of rummy websites makes the game interesting as more players join the tables to play for as many hours as possible. Also, the practice tables to play against hundreds of players make a new/amateur player more confident to play on cash rummy tables and at the same time upgrading his skills.

A new player can also join the freeroll tables and play for cash without paying anything as entry fee. This makes the rummy game an interesting card game as a player with more skills and strategy can win cash compared to other games which are entirely dependent on the element of luck. Once a player is confident enough to play with cash, he can join any cash rummy tables or tournaments with an entry fee as low as Rs.1 to play for real cash. The cash prizes he can win from these tables depend on the number of players joining on these tables and the winners are rewarded with a share of the prize pool.

The other factors that make the game of rummy interesting are the rewards in form of bonuses and cash back deals. From the time a player is registered, most online rummy websites offer him a welcome bonus on his first deposit with the website. A bonus of up to 100% can be availed but the bonus earned can vary and basically depend on the deposit amount of the player. The bonus amount earned can be used to play on cash rummy tables to win more cash. If you lose your deposit amount, you can also avail a percentage of the amount you have lost if the rummy website is running a cashback promotion. The cashback you can claim may vary from 2% - 20% depending on the table you have played and the amount you have lost during the game.

All in all, rummy is a much more interesting game when compared to games like Blackjack, Poker and TeenPatti which doesn’t involve any skills while playing the game. And as most countries have banned playing casino/gambling games like Poker and Blackjack, they are not accessible to everyone or for every age group. When it comes to rummy, the game is legal to play as it contains the element of skill rather than luck and can be enjoyed by almost everyone irrespective of the age group. With simple rules and gameplay, the rummy card game is sure to go a long way in coming years, both online and offline with game enthusiasts rising day by day.

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