Make Big Money with these Online Rummy Strategies

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Make Big Money with these Online Rummy Strategies

When it comes to playing rummy games, even a beginner hopes to make big money. As simple as it sounds, the game of rummy requires patience, skills and strategies applied in a synchronized manner to gain a win. The beginners of the rummy game are usually new to the entire card games and thus they fail to make any impact on cash rummy tables. This is why, most 24x7 Indian rummy games sites advice players to practice more on freeroll or practice tables before they make their entry into the real money games.

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While playing on online rummy tables, a player can utilize the features offered by the site to his own advantage. Features like discard window will allow a player to know the opponent’s strategy and the melds he is trying to make. Other than this, there are many hidden features in an online rummy website which a player can utilize for his own good.

Some of the rummy strategies you must apply in your upcoming games if you want to make big money are mentioned below. Learn these strategies and play accordingly to gain a win even in big tournaments involving big money.

Discard High-Value Cards

After the 13 cards are dealt to you, you can arrange the cards so as to know whether you already have a pure sequence/sequences or sets with you. If not, you can discard your high value cards one by one so as to reduce the points assigned to you in case you lose the game. The high value cards are often not picked by other players too and so, it is a good idea to discard them of you can’t make any melds with them.

Applying Joker Cards

Joker cards or wildcards play a major role in online rummy games. It is advisable to create your pure sequences upfront and use the joker cards in sets and sequences that are incomplete. You can also discard cards adjacent to the wildcards as it is a waste of it if you are making pure sequences with that specific card. There is a very minor probability of your opponent picking the cards next to joker card and therefore it is a very safe rummy strategy.

Discards Window

As mentioned earlier, Discards Window in online rummy is a perfect tool for a player to know about his opponent’s strategy. But as with any other game, just checking the discard window won’t give you any advantage. You have to analyze what cards your opponents are discarding and have to take instant judgements regarding the cards you have to discard and melds you have to create.

The game of rummy can be very easy to play and expertise on if you practice it daily. As major rummy websites offer free cash while signing up, why not just create an account and start playing already!