Do you know Rummy Millionaire’s Fair Play Policy?

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Do you know Rummy Millionaire’s Fair Play Policy?

Sportsmanship is something that every player needs to have when he joins any form of game. The real etiquette of being a good player lies in the way a game is played rather than being whether he is winning or losing. At Rummy Millionaire, we try to bring this sportsmanship to every player playing on our rummy game platform with some simple fair play policies that we think each player should be aware of.

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Be Respectful While Playing Rummy Game

The “Chat” feature is meant to make similarly minded rummy buddies who use their best skills to gain a win. Misusing this feature is disrupting the fair play policy in Rummy Millionaire which can even result in the suspension of your account. In order to maintain your account from such illicit activities, the below given checklist will be helpful on what not to do while you are using Chat feature during rummy games.

Spamming: Spamming or just posting irrelevant topics or strings of messages to everyone you are playing with is counted as violation of fair play policy. Anything that doesn’t relates to the rummy game, features of the website you are playing in, game rules or strategy will be counted as a violation. Similarly, sending the same message over and over or flooding other players’ chat window is also prohibited.

Fraudulent Behavior:  During the rummy game, the players are not allowed to ask for a player’s user id/e-mail id, phone number or password for the purpose of fraud. Similarly, the players are not permitted to request for money to other players from the chat window.

How to Report Illicit Behavior?

If you come across any illicit behavior during a rummy game, you can report it to our 24x7 customer support team by clicking on “Report a Problem” button. We will look into the issue and if relevant, will take proper actions in minimum time to make the game play more enjoyable than ever.

To know more about the privacy of your account, please visit Privacy Policy. If you want further more information, feel free to write us at