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Know the Importance of Jokers in Rummy for these 3 Reasons

Joker in Rummy

The general perception about joker is a funny and comical character bent upon infusing laughter in people. But, in a game like rummy where joker cards are used in the game, they are no insignificant cards; rather, they are cards which can have a huge impact on your games. An experienced rummy player knows how indispensable jokers are in 24x7 rummy games. Joker cards do not carry any value but have the potential to cruise you to success. If you have been relatively new the online rummy games, perhaps, this article will help you understand the importance of jokers in rummy games. Before we venture into explaining the use of jokers at rummy, let’s help you with details about the joker in relation with other cards.

In rummy games, jokers do not carry any value and are used instead of other cards in the game. There are two kinds of jokers used – printed jokers and wild card jokers. A standard deck of 52 cards is used for the purpose which consists of 2 printed jokers. Apart from that, a card is randomly picked from the closed deck at the start of the game. This forms another kind of joker known as the wild card. An interesting rule of the wild card joker is when a card is picked up as wild card joker all the cards bearing that number regardless of the suit become wild cards. For example, if 6 of Hearts is picked as the wild card joker, then 6 of Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs also become wild card jokers. Let’s understand the importance of joker while playing rummy games.

  1. Essential for impure sequence

One of the basic rules of online rummy is the melding of impure sequence with the usage of jokers. In order to win the game, it is important to note the fact that your game is incomplete if you fail to meld an impure sequence by using jokers. Thus, if you wish to win at 24x7 games, ensure you use the jokers well and meld the impure sequence as soon as you complete melding the pure sequence.

  1. Help to reduce your points

As said earlier, they do not carry any value. This is indeed a blessing in disguise because, in the event of your opponent declaring the show before you, the cards you were unable to meld will add up to your points. In case you have jokers, then your total points will be under check. This is one of the very important reasons which jokers are revered in rummy games.

  1. Jokers along with high-value cards

In 24x7 rummy card games, high-value cards prove to be a great liability if you fail to use them prudently in your melds. An expert solution to this commonly occurring gaming scenario is to use jokers along with high-value cards if you find the possibility of melding an impure sequence or any other sets or sequences with them. In case you lose the game, fret not, because high-value cards won't scorch your scores since they are now part of melds along with jokers.


Joker cards are indeed the most valuable card in rummy games; hence, use them wisely.