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Know Which Card to Discard in Rummy Games

rummy card game

Rummy is a game of drawing and discarding cards. It's a game of melding cards into sets and sequences. But one of the most exciting challenges of the game is not discarding a card that your opponent might pick up to meld his/ her hand. You may have come across situations where a card you discarded has been picked by your opponent making you clench your fist with regret. Many a time, we may entirely overlook the possibilities of what a discarded card could bring to your game. The most experienced and expert rummy players are more than conscious of which cards they discard; because, they know how to play rummy and are very well aware the rummy rules that a card discarded without a proper deliberation could give your opponent an upper hand in the game and push you towards an inevitable loss.

Here’s a quick rundown on knowing which card to discard to keep your prospects bright in the game.

  1. Discard that card of least value to your opponent and you

In online rummy, during every turn, you need to pick a card either from the closed or open deck and immediately discard from your hand another card to the discard section. But your intelligence lies in discarding only the card that is neither useful to your opponent nor you. Say, your opponent has picked up 6 and 7 of Spades from the open deck. It is a clear indication that your opponent is aiming to meld a sequence of Spades. Just in case you 5 or 8 of Spades, then refrain from discarding those cards because it is equivalent to serving the cards on a platter and giving it to your opponent if you happen to discard them. Hence, it is essential that you keep an eye on which cards your opponents are drawing.

  1. Think before discarding jokers

Jokers are versatile cards in rummy games. They do not by themselves carry any value but can be used in place of other cards in melding sets and sequences. However, they are of use in situations where you have successfully formed the pure sequences as jokers cannot be used in them. They come in handy as they can fill up for the missing cards in your sets and sequence formations. More the number of jokers the better are your chances of winning. Discarding a joker is like literally given away your chance of winning to your opponent without even making it tough for him. So, be cautious while you discard a joker.

  1. Be cautious when you discard high-value cards

High-value cards are a liability in rummy games. If you are unable to meld the cards or if your opponent declares before you, high-value cards add to your penalty points inflating them invariably. The general wisdom says to discard high-value cards as soon as possible. But, if your opponent has a couple of consecutive high-value cards and is looking for the missing one which you may have, you are most likely making it easier for him/her to meld quickly and gain an advantage over you. So, watch your opponent’s move before you decide your action.


Rummy game is exciting and challenging at the same time if you are well aware of Indian rummy rules. Be watchful of which card you discard to keep your prospects of winning intact in the game.