Knock Your Opponents Out with these Rummy Tricks

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Knock Your Opponents Out with these Rummy Tricks

Playing rummy on both online and offline platforms can be tricky if you are unaware of the basics of the game. The game of rummy needs both your mental strength to cope with the pressure and your ace skills to convert that pressure to gain a win. As online rummy is one of the most played games now due to the boom in the internet and gaming industry, more players are getting interested in this 13 cards game. It can be hard for new players to play against the pros who have already earned the best skills playing numerous free and cash games. So, there is a need for rummy tips and strategies when a new player joins a table which is already filled with pro players. In this article, we will be sharing some of the best rummy tricks which can be handy for you if you are a new player of the game.



Drop Out Early on Bad Cards

Got a bad hand of 13 cards? Drop out of the game if you are not confident of your hand as it will cost your just 20 points for early drop. If you are not confident and play until the end of the game, you might lose more points and in a way, the momentum for the whole game. Some of the scenarios where you can drop out are, 1. You are not dealt with any Joker cards and 2. You can’t make any set or sequence with the 13 cards. This rummy trick can be handy if you are a new player and once you gain confidence on your skills and think the game is going nowhere, you can opt for a middle drop of 40 points.

Use Discards Section in Online Rummy

The Discards Section in online rummy gives you somewhat a clear picture of your opponents’ rummy tricks. Once the game has started, always have a look on the discard section and know what all cards are your opponent is uninterested in. Now as you know what he is uninterested in, you can now assume the set and sequence your opponent is trying to create. To make the game more interesting, discard the cards your opponent doesn’t need to block him from creating a meld. Once you start playing with these rummy tricks and get used to it, you will be able to read your opponents hands better and gain a win easily.

Use Joker Cards Properly

Joker cards in 13 cards rummy are wildcards that can be added anywhere to complete a meld. The trick is to use them properly so that you can finish the game before your opponent does. Adding Joker cards in an already formed is a sheer waste. You can add Joker cards to sets or sequences to reduce your points if you are losing a game. Also, don’t add Joker cards to any possible pure sequences.

Suits, Numbers, Colors and Regrouping 13 Cards

The suits, numbers and colors of the 13 cards play a vital role in Indian rummy. Once the 13 cards are dealt to you arrange the cards according to suits, numbers or colors to make it easier for yourself to know what all sets or sequences are yet to be made. You can always regroup the card to create new melds and if feasible, can finish a game faster than ever. This rummy strategy is mostly used by the pro players and so, this can be a tricky one if you are still learning the game. You can alternatively use the Sort button which is in most online rummy websites to create sets or sequences automatically.

Discarding High Cards and Reverse Rummy Tricks

Most online rummy websites teach you discard the high cards first once the 13 cards are dealt. Although this rummy trick is 100% right and allows you to avoid any chances of losing with heavy points, you can reverse this trick sometimes to get a pure sequence/sequence/set as fast as you can. While your opponents are busy discarding the high cards, you can pick them from close deck to make your sequence as well as to make them feel you have a good hand.

It’s always suggested to experiment with these rummy tricks on practice tables or freeroll tables first. Sign up now with Rummy Millionaire and use these strategies to the max.